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How To Choose The Best Cover Lifter For Your Hot Tub

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Owning a hot tub or spa is to some degree like anything else that you are new to; you’ll need time to get used to it and understand how it works or performs. So, you’ve had your hot tub for a few months now and have decided to upgrade the cover you originally bought to go with it. You’ve also decided to go for a cover lifter to make it a simple and easy task when you need to remove or replace the cover. But what should you look for in a cover lifter to suite your needs? We asked Essex’s Aqua Spa Supplies the question!


Consider How Much Space Is Available

One of the most basic things is the amount of space you have to work with. A cover lifter will need sufficient space to operate so be sure to measure carefully to ensure you have the required room to operate efficiently. If you go for a model such as the Covermate Easy you’ll only need 18 inches of clearance behind the tub or spa and as it comes with a Towelmate accessory, you’ll also have somewhere to store your towels as well. If your hot tub or spa is situated closer to your fence or wall than that you also have the option of an Aqua Lift model instead which can operate in just 12 inches of space. It will mount directly to your spa or can be attached with under-spa brackets if you prefer.

How About For Desk Mounted Hot Tubs?

So, what are your options if you have a deck mounted hot tub or spa? Try taking a look at the Covermate 3 deck mounted version instead. It’s the perfect solution when there is no room behind your spa for a standard version. Constructed from powder coated aluminium tubing it is available with extended pivot arms and brackets for use with the larger sized spas or hot tubs.

Trust us when we say that a hot tub cover lifter is an accessory which you need! If you’re still removing and replacing the cover on your hot tub by hand then you’re doing so unnecessarily! We’re confident that you’ll benefit from the purchase of a cover lifter and will be left asking yourself why you’ve never purchased once before given the convenience and the ease that they offer!

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