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7 Things That Are Making Your House Cleaning Slower and Inefficient

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Cleaning your house is often hard as it is. There aren’t many people who enjoy doing this kind of a chore and are not fans of summer cleanups nor any kind of cleanups in fact. The trouble starts when doing things that only make you slower and result in taking a lot of time to clean up the house. There are certain things that can make things much harder on an inexperienced person who decides to take a stab at cleaning the house. If you do not do the cleaning properly it will only take you much more valuable time, so it is better to get yourself well acquainted with the necessary things that will make your house cleaning much more efficient. Here are 7 things that you should avoid doing when doing your household cleaning.

1.Do not Clean up as you go

When taking a shower, do you clean everything up as you go or do you wait until you are finished and everything is wet and then do all the cleaning? I think this one is self-explanatory as in certain situations it is not so wise to clean as you go because you will only make a bigger mess when trying to fit everything together. It may take you as twice as long to tidy up everything afterwards if you decided to mingle with the things during your work. In certain cases it is OK actually to clean as you go, for instance when dressing yourself you can always put back the close that you have taken off and hang them. But in some situations like when doing things in the kitchen it does not work so well. Better finish the work entirely and then face the cleanup. That way you will have a full picture of the things that need cleaning and it will take you less time to organize yourself and finish everything properly.

2.Doing things in a Room that is not Intended for that Purpose

Whenever you decide to do an activity within a room that is not intended for that purpose, you are risking of making additional work for you and more mess than you have intended on dealing with in the first place. Having your meal within your work room or doing some extra work in your bedroom will require that you shift certain objects or things that are not intended to be there. You will need to bring your computer for work or a tray with food in a room that is not perceived for meeting that purpose. This will result you having to deal with the struggle of getting everything back to the place where you have taken it every time you take it from its original dwelling. The ramifications can get even worse, and that happens when you disregard the fact of putting everything back immediately and just let it stay there like that. You will end up with a mish-mash within your dwelling which will be hard to organize afterwards. Better do the things that are meant within the area intended for that job and do not cause yourself extra headaches if you do not have to.

7 Things That Are Making Your House Cleaning Slower and Inefficient

3.Better to Prevent than Cure

Often a time it is better to stop something from ever happening than to look for a way to deal with it when it has already happened. This goes as well as for cleaning the house. Better find ways of preventing the mess from ever existing than trying to think of ways to clean it and deal with it later on. Particularly useful is to prevent the dirt from entering inside your homes in the first place. You will have much less work to do and will not spend that much time as it would be intended with an unclean house. So if you are wearing your shoes, that you have previously worn outside, take them off when entering your home. If you are keeping your windows open during some construction work that is being done outside or when there is a stronger wind blowing, better shut the windows. You will prevent unnecessary dirt or dust coming inside that way and save yourself a whole lot of working hours in trying to get it out.

4.Using your Cleaning Supplies and Tools Correctly

Make sure you stock on cleaning supplies and cleaning tools that you know how to use and feel comfortable in using. This means that some people buy new things without actually knowing how to use it or if it works in the first place for the thing that you need to clean. You might have already be feeling great by using a certain kind of a vacuum cleaning, but by buying a new one will take you some time to work out the proper way of using it and sometimes it will not even be comfortable at all for you to use it, reducing your desire to clean. A broom or a mop that feels good does not have to be substituted for a more expensive one just if they say so on TV. It is the same way with cleaning products. Research the products that you are opting to try first and consider the surfaces or the materials you are intending to clean with them. Stick to the ones that you are sure to get the job done and don’t get too much experimental when trying out new things. I also recommend reading this article. Choosing incorrectly will reduce your willingness to clean as the bad results will make you feel frustrated and unmotivated for cleaning the house and getting the job done. But in the case of sticking with the familiar cleaning tools and products, you stand a much better chance of finish the job quicker and with better results.

5.Enhance Your Efficiency

In order to enhance your efficiency, you need to organize yourself properly before starting the cleaning. It happens often that when people start their cleaning they don’t bring along the entire cleaning arsenal or the appropriate tools with them in order to complete the cleaning. This always results in you walking back and forward from room to room searching for the additional tools that you might use to clean a needed spot. You end up waiting to much time and excess energy on a simple task. You need to organize yourself first and take the necessary tools with you before you start the cleaning, but only bring the ones that you need not the whole closet with you. Also start from the front of the house and move your way to the back. It is better to do clean things room by room as by changing rooms you might get caught up in something else and forget about the thing you have started to do in the first place. Also start from the top of the house, if you have more floors, and finish at the bottom. Making things organized like this will result in making things more efficient, giving you more time to finish everything properly. People also tend to forget to clean certain places when they’re in a rush. A London based cleaning company London Carpet Cleaning has put together a a useful list of places people often neglect when house cleaning so be sure to read it.

6.Make a Cleaning Schedule

Making a cleaning schedule make things much easier. It actually means that if you make it as an appointment, you are more less likely to keep it and do the cleaning at the planed time or period. Taking to long pauses between cleanups will make your cleaning take much more time than you would if you keep to a regular cleaning schedule. If you decide to clean everything every Sunday, keep to it and you will clean the whole house much efficiently and quickly opposed to having an irregular or irrational cleaning schedule. There are many methods in making a schedule and you can look some up on the internet or try to make one yourself and see how it goes for you. The more appropriate it is for you, the better the results will be and your house will look better than ever.

7.Make Your Cleaning Fun

This one actually does not sound that possible for some people, but if you add additional activities that are fun for you it will make your cleaning a lot more entertaining. Listen to your favorite music while you clean and try singing along with it and you will see how much enjoyment it will bring to you. If you get too caught up in it you can dance to it while scrubbing your floors and while dusting your living room. Make a schedule so it is during some interesting show and during something you like watching. Clean and what TV at the same time and you will get to enjoy both activities as if they could not go without each other in the first place. Consider this fact is it is one of the more important ones and be imaginative in thinking up new ways on how to make your cleaning an entertaining job.

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