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How To Choose a Great Hotel For Your Next Trip to Sri Lanka

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Finding a great hotel in Sri Lanka shouldn’t be difficult, with the diverse range of options available through Yoho Bed. Brokers, travel agents and middlemen make things a lot harder for us to pick the best hotel. E.g. if we want a guest house in Kataragama, or a Unawatuna accommodation, we don’t need to go to hundreds of websites and manually select which ones look good or not. You only need to go to one.

How To Choose a Great Hotel For Your Next Trip to Sri Lanka

Here’s how you can pick a great hotel for your next trip to Sri Lanka –

  1. Looking at all the options available:

When you’ve seen everything that a country has to offer, it’s time to look deeper. For the best deals and offers, has you covered. It standardises most of the hotels and allows guests to have excellent facilities like free Wi-Fi, parking, etc. You can select an area, e.g. Kataragama, and check out the hotels in and around the city.

  1. Choosing what you like:

Sometimes it just clicks. You find the perfect room, the perfect vibe and the prefect price. You reserve it instantly and you’re assured of its quality because of the website’s promises. There’s even a centralised phone number, for when you want to speak to a booking consultant. The best part? – No hidden fees. So, you can choose a lovely accommodation in Kataragama, like the Yoho Manikpuragama, without having to pay extra or have a bad experience.

  1. Analyse the landmarks and sight-seeing points:

You don’t want to pick a hotel that is hidden deep in the city, and you want something that’s close by to the activities that you want to engage with. This is why you need to do some digging around as to what areas are closer to the accommodation you want to book. E.g. Mount Lavinia is a great place to stay at because of its variety of beaches and water-sports. This is exactly why Yoho Bed has over 99 results for that area. It’s perfect for travellers who want to enjoy the beach life.

  1. Nearby activities:

When you book a great hotel in Sri Lanka, you also want to ensure that there are things to do nearby. You don’t want to be stuck in a distant part of town and have to rely on public transportation for everywhere you go. It’s best to look at what options are available near a property, which is conveniently located right under the listing on Yoho Bed. You can book a great Unawatuna accommodation and find the best restaurants, bars and shopping malls near it.

  1. Facilities and T&C:

Most hotels aren’t too open about their T&C and have different facilities for guests. Only when you arrive at the hotel do you realise that they have weak cell-phone reception and don’t have WiFi. For those that love social media, they want to post whenever they can. This is where you need a good hotel network website that has high-quality facilities and transparent T&Cs.

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