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How To Avoid Scam When Looking For An Essay Service

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Signs You Should Know If You Want To Avoid Essay Service Scammers

The truth is that you have very little control over if a company rips you off. We like to think we are protected by the law, but we are not. Unless people are ripped off on mass, there is usually very little done for the victim. You are usually given the old chestnut, “You should be more careful next time” (as if it’s your fault!). Here are a few telltale signs that will help you avoid the scammers. 

How To Avoid Scam When Looking For An Essay Service

Testimonials on their website (maybe)

Okay, so not every essay writing service that has testimonials on their website is a scam, fake or otherwise nasty entity. However, testimonials are a commonly seen element within fake websites. The creator of the website knows it is a scam, so he or she puts more effort into credibility than is actually needed or required. Badges with guarantees and testimonials are common. It is the equivalent of Amazon having a graphic on every page showing a cute puppy saying, “We will deliver your stuff, honestly we will.”

Testimonials on their website that look fake

Scammers will often write their own testimonials, and very often, they look fake and silly. They are either glowingly positive, perfectly written, or have faux-street slag that went out in the early nineties (ye dig?). Take a look at poor quality books on Kindle and you will see several great reviews (fake) and a bunch of negative reviews that chew the book up and spit it out.

Check out their address if they give one

It is often funny to look up the address the company gives on Google maps, only to see that their global headquarters is a pizza joint, or that their address doesn’t exist but is on a street that is famously posh and expensive.

Is their website full of spelling and grammar errors?

Would the best paper writing service really have a website full of errors? Even one error on any of the best essay writing sites is too many. Take a look at Top 10 writers. It doesn’t have a single spelling mistake or grammatical error. A good writing service shouldn’t have errors on its website in the same way a baker shouldn’t have singed eyebrows from having the oven on too hot. 

Map-check and research their customer support phone number

There are several tools and apps on the Internet that help you discover where a phone number is coming from and where the company is based. There are even tools on the Internet (including Google and StreetMap) that show you where phone numbers are being diverted from, which may indicate your calls are being pushed through to a cheaper third-world call centre.

Run a whois on who runs the website

See who actually runs the website and/or the company. If some of their contact details are hidden, then maybe you should suspect. If they have hidden all of their information, such as with the tool HideMyAss, then look upon them with extreme scepticism and suspicion. You may also like to take note of who owns each website become sometimes the same people own different essay service websites.

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