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How The Pandemic Has Affected Italian Players

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The pandemic continues to impact negatively on football events. Now the Italian teams that participate in League A have suffered. At the moment, Italy is suffering from coronavirus the most. And while this is the most negative aspect for Italian players and fans of Italian football, it has several advantages for those who like to make bets.

It is very difficult to look for pros in a pandemic, but it is quite possible when it comes to football events. There is only one conclusion from this situation – it is much easier to place bets during a pandemic. Thus, players from different countries at the moment can place bets on Italian Leagues and win with a probability of 87%. The winning outcome is easy to predict thanks to the substitutions that are being made in the Italian teams because of the patients with coronavirus.

For example, African players can place bets here with the best football odds.

But not everything is as bad as the TV may tell us. Recently, the main striker of the Milan team recovered from the coronavirus and returned to the field. Immediately after the recovery, the player began to play a tough and winning game.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first match after his recovery was Inter Milan. During the match, the striker made a derby and thus brought his team a 1:2 victory.

Ibrahimovic is an important player for Milan, which is proved by his first game after the quarantine, in which one does not even feel that the striker was sick. The Milan coach values his striker. He is an important player on the field. Thus, during the last match, the coach refused Zlatan to sit on the bench and to replace him.

This importance gave the player even more confidence. Now he claims that he would have won the derby even if he was still ill with the coronavirus.

Now Zlatan continues his training and more and more often gives his comments to journalists. Now he says that no one can stop him, not even a dangerous virus. Also, he states that he is not in his best shape.

Lastly, the striker of Milan gives some comments. Zlatan said that Milan never had a king, but definitely has a God. He uses such comparisons when it comes to his value as a player.

Meanwhile, seven players from the Genoa team have been pulled out of the game due to the coronavirus. The announcement of their withdrawal from the standings was announced by their coach. It is worth saying that the sick players were an important link in the Genoa team, and although there are still seven other players in the squad now, the position of the football club is not getting better.

Alberto Paleari is ready to replace one of the Juventus players. But even such a replacement will not fix the complicated situation of the football team. On October 19, 2020, seven of the team’s footballers are still hospitalized because of the virus.

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