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How Taking Care Of Your Tongue Helps Your Teeth

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When talking about dental health, a lot of press is given to taking care of your teeth. While your teeth are certainly important, there are other parts of your mouth that need quality care, as well. One of these parts is your tongue. In fact, if you take care of your tongue properly, it is likely that your teeth will be healthier as a result.

How Taking Care Of Your Tongue Helps Your Teeth

Less Sugar

Sugar, in any form, can harm your teeth. Unfortunately, eating too much sugar can also cause painful sores on your tongue, called canker sores, that are made worse by bacteria feeding on the excess sugar. To avoid these sores, one of the first things that you need to do is avoid sugar, which will also help improve the health of your teeth.

Better Brushing Habits

Every good family dentist will tell you that brushing your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day will help you maintain good oral health. However, if you don’t use the right technique, it won’t do you much good, no matter how long you brush your teeth. If you take the time to take care of your tongue while brushing, though, you’re more likely to be more thorough with your brushing, meaning that your entire mouth will stay healthier as a result.


If you become dehydrated, one of the first symptoms that you’re likely to notice is a dry tongue. If your mouth is becoming dry, though, your teeth can suffer, as well, because the bacteria on the teeth won’t be removed as quickly, leading to a buildup of plaque. However, if you listen to your body when your tongue becomes dry, you’ll be able to stay hydrated, which will help your teeth stay cleaner, too.

Removing Bacteria

Since many of the bacteria that cause bad breath live on your tongue, tongue scraping is a good practice to follow. The good news is that tongue scraping can do more than prevent bad breath. Since you are helping to remove millions of bacteria by scraping your tongue, they won’t be able to spread to the rest of your mouth and cause issues with your teeth. Thus, you’ll end up with fresh breath and a sparkling smile.

You may not realize that your tongue can be an indicator of your overall health. The best way to understand what your tongue might be trying to tell you is to visit your dentist regularly so that they can inspect your tongue and the rest of your mouth. Therefore, by taking care of your tongue, you may be protecting your entire body in addition to protecting your teeth.

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