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How To Prepare For A Move To Another City

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Moving from one city to another is not only tiresome, it is also emotionally exhausting. While leaving friends behind can be a cause of sadness, not knowing what the new city has in hold for you can make you apprehensive too. Of course the actual process of packing and relocating seems to be a hassle but starting the preparations a month or two before can actually make this daunting task look quite appealing.

How To Prepare For A Move To Another City

The Moving Checklist

Given below is a checklist of what needs to be done to prepare for a smooth transition to another city.

  1. Sorting And Organising

As we stay in one place, we tend to collect a lot of unwanted things which we mean to throw or give away but never get round to doing it. Hence before actually embarking on the task of moving, we should sort out all our things and get rid of things that we do not need. Dealing with perishables is another thing which we need to do on a war footing. These are generally eatables purchased and stocked and should either be consumed or given away.

  1. Research For A Good Moving Company

Researching for and finding a good moving services company is another point of concern. It is time consuming too as we need to get at least three quotes to be able to compare the prices vis-a-vis their expertise. There are three key points which need to be kept in mind à

  1. They have to be adept at packaging of household items, furniture and electrical gadgets. This also includes dissembling and assembling of furniture parts.
  2. They should have a license and provide insurance cover for the transported items.
  3. They have to do the whole thing within a reasonable time frame and a realistic budget.

  3.Purchasing Of Required Paraphernalia

Required paraphernalia for moving from one place to another refers to boxes of different sizes and make and also sealing tape, ropes etc. The boxes can either be supplied by the moving company employed or can also be bought from the market as per the requirement. Also it is very important to label the boxes. This, in turn, helps us to maintain an inventory and know for which room each box is meant.

  1. Taking Care Of Essentials

These generally include things like getting the academic and bank records in order, intimating the schools, banks, insurance, other utility services and other government offices of the change in address etc. Medical records also need to be forwarded to the new medical practitioner and medicine needs to be stocked up for at least two weeks succeeding the move.

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