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How Not To Fall Asleep When Playing At Night: Tips For Gamers

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Oh, these sleepless nights in dangerous dungeons, crazy races and bloody battles. To some, they are easy, while others barely survive until dawn. Perhaps there is nothing worse in life of gamers than when playing a video game you cannot stay awake, especially if the fate of the clan is at stake! That is why we have decided to give you 14 tips and if you use them, you will manage to “survive” the night shift with dignity, and perhaps the first half of the day as well.

Step 1: Let there be light!

Your brain may be accustomed to any rhythm, but light will always be number one priority for it. The fact is that one of our hormones – melatonin – is extremely sensitive to light. And we would not have mentioned it, if it did not influence the work of brain cells. Therefore, if there is no powerful light source you should not even consider playing at night. The light of the computer screen does not count.

Step 2: “Close the door, will you? It is cold in here”

It is winter and therefore you are not going to lack any cold whatsoever. Fresh air and low temperature can perfectly keep you awake, whereas a warm stuffy room is absolutely contraindicated. That is why you should open the window or get a fan.

Step 3: “Maybe I should get something to eat?”

Your body has many weaknesses; however, one of them can come in handy. Hunger is an unpleasant, no doubt, thing but if you are not going to go to bed soon, you had better forget about a night bite and sup – it will only cause drowsiness, and then sleepiness.

Step 4: TALK

Surely you are already actively conversing with your teammates, but just in case we would like to remind you that it is absolutely right of you. Discussions (of course, not in text chat) can be of excellent help to stay awake and at the same time, they help focus on the business. Therefore, chat as much as possible.

Step 5: “If you are not Black Sabbath, why should I listen to you?”

If the conversation is not your cup of tea, we still have a solution for you. You should make a small audio playlist in advance: any rhythmic, not loud but not pleasant music (it will cause more emotion) will keep you awake for quite a while. Melodious and soft voices lull, so the album with trance or the sounds of nature will not do the trick.

Step 6: COFFEE

If you think that, we will advise you to make coffee, than you have never been so wrong. During a prominent fatigue that will inevitably come after sleepless and nervous nights this drink will only hurt. Whereas black tea with 20 drops of tincture of ginseng and a small amount of sugar will have a very gentle effect on your body. In the morning, you can treat yourself with warm milk to improve the effect.

To sum up, we hope you liked our tips and they will help you survive during the night. In addition, if you are a PC gamer, we suggest you visit this website to buy PC games for a reasonable price.

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