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How Exercise Can Help You Live Long

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No one always has a death wish except for those suffering from diseases that are determined just to make them suffer. Some other cases that can make an individual want to die are stress; financial, self-esteem, work strain or colleagues stress. Everything held constant, all of us would like to live as long as life can support. The thought of death is even scary to most individuals. Exercise is one thing that is a healer to most of the triggers of death wish. It is also good for general body health . Hence, the chances of diseases are very low. With exercise, doctors can lack work to do, and life span of the people rise to its highest levels. You might be wondering how life span is raised. Well, this is how it does it;

  1. Reduces weight related diseases

Whenever we complain about excess weight to anyone, they always recommend regular exercise and avoiding eating excess. This shows how exercise is sure way of reducing the excess weight. Excess weight is always associated with diseases such as obesity, diabetes and also arthritis. All these diseases can easily kill those people who have excess weight. Therefore, exercise to reduce weight increases the chances of an individual living.

  1. Increases muscular energy

With energy an individual has enough strength to overcome various diseases. Also, strength enables people to survive deaths due to external forces such as accidents and wars. Weight lifting exercises build up strong muscles and hence the strength of the whole body which can enable an individual to withstand anything. According to joint pain facts, exercise is very important in relieving pain at the joints or the arthritis pain.

How Exercise Can Help You Live Long

  1. Reduces chances heart disease

Heart diseases are the most life-threatening diseases known. They include the heart attack, cardiac and natural heart problems. The natural one is very hard to control through exercise because it depends on the internal structure of the heart. Through exercise other heart diseases can be avoided by ensuring enough oxygen reaches the heart. During exercise one breaths faster and, therefore, more oxygen is pumped into the heart hence improving its activity.

  1. Enhances mood

Death is not necessarily caused by diseases; they can be caused by too much stress. When someone is stressed the next thing that can probably occur is depression. I know most of you know that depression can be healed by just talking and being there for the person. This may be effective when you are there together sitting with that person but once you are gone the person easily goes to the initial state. Exercise excites an individual and makes them forget all that they were thinking about for a longer time. This reduces the chances of hearing cases where an individual commits suicide due to depression.

  1. Lowers the probability of stroke

Stroke is a stress related disease. As stated earlier, exercise is very good in relieving any stress. Some exercises such as swimming and yoga are so relaxing. Someone comes out of it feeling a big load has been offloaded from their shoulders. It is, therefore, the most ideal thing when it comes to prevention of stroke

  1. Keeps the brain alert

The brain controls all the activities in the body system therefore if the brain slows down, all the body activities in the body. Some activities in the body such as pumping of blood to all other parts of the body are very vital to the body. If it slows down, it means the low supply of oxygen and nutrients, a state that can make the body vulnerable to killer diseases and eventually death. Exercise activates the brain hence, all these mess that would result can be avoided. Also brain, enhancing products can also be used. Health product reviews portray luminol as one of the effective brain enhancing product.


We all would like to live a healthy life as long as God can allow us. Exercise has proven to be the most effective way to do so. With the benefits above, there are no doubts about it.

Author Bio

Kathy Mitchell is an American content writer. She belongs to a health and beauty expert family. Her writing skills are descriptive and meaningful. She has been working with consumer health digest over 5 years. You can contact her on Facebook and twitter

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