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How Does Peristaltic Pump Works?

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Peristaltic pump is a displacement pumps that can be used for pumping a wide range of fluids. These are highly efficient pumps that are capable of trouble free, continuous and accurate pumping. These pumps are capable of pumping even fluids containing 60% of solid concentration, sterile media in the laboratory, highly viscous liquids and corrosive fluids with utmost ease. These pumps do not come with any valves, seals or glands. The fluid is collected in a flexible tube that is fitted inside the circular pump. The tube is compressed by the rotor that comes with a number of shoes, rollers, lobes and wipers attached to its external surface. As the rotor starts, it forces fluid to move through the tube. These pumps are easy to install and use and also require minimal maintenance.

  • The discharge pressure of the fluid can be up to 2 bars.
  • These pumps can cover the flow rate from 0.001 ml/min to 13000 ml/min.
  • These are capable of dry running without any issues.
  • Ten different tubing materials are available for such pumps.
  • These pumps feature with self-priming and reversible units.

How Does Peristaltic Pump Works?

Peristaltic pumps are of various types and specifications. Some of the most efficient and famous ones are:

  • Flowmaster FMT 300

It is a powerful peristaltic pump that can be used for heavy duty processes. The pump is packed in stainless steel housing with an IP65 protection rating. The flow of the fluid can be varied and the interface of the pump is analogue.

  • ECOLINE Series

This type of pump is made of stackable and rugged stainless steel housing. It is a cost effective powerful peristaltic pump that comes with variable speed delivery pumps and with an analogue interface.

  • MCP/BVP Series

These pumps come with interchangeable pump heads and programmable models with various calibration functions. These models come with IP65 rating, which makes them dust proof and resistant to water jets.

  • Reglo ICC Series

These come with 2, 3 or 4 channel pumps with an individual control for each and every channel. The channels can be independently programmed through a computer or pump. The main feature of such pumps is accurate dispensing and continuous pumping. These pumps are provided with easy to use USB interface with keypad control or PC control.

  • IP and IPC Series

These are multi-channel and high precision pumps that are perfectly suited for analytical applications. Such pumps come with variable speed drives with an analogue interface.

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