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How Can You Keep Your Website Secure?

2 Mins read

One of the biggest threats currently facing most businesses, small and large, is the chance of a cyber attack. While many business owners embrace the benefits of online technology, few understand the threats that come with doing business online. Check out these important ways of keeping your website and online business secure.

How Can You Keep Your Website Secure?

Hire Experienced IT Professionals

If you don’t know much about IT or cyber security, now is the time to work with a trusted and experienced IT professional. If your budget allows, create or expand your in-house IT department to include an IT professional is experienced in cyber security. Another option is to work with a contract IT company. Be sure that the company with which you contract specializes in cyber security and that they have an excellent reputation among their previous clients.

Consider Your Data

As you work to make your website more secure, consider how much data you need to request from employees and customers. The more data you request and store online, the more vulnerable you become to a cyber attack. According to How to Combat a Cyber Attack on your Association, you should strip the requested information down to the basics and understand where and how it’s being stored after it’s provided.

Update Your Software

One of the easiest steps you can and should be taking to keep your website secure is updating the site’s software. Opt-in to receive notifications when updates are available and log in to complete the updates immediately. If available, opt in to have the software upgrade automatically rather than you having to log in and complete them. If your site includes plug-ins, don’t forget to update them as well.

Fortify your Site

Think of your website as a castle that must be protected from outside forces. To fortify your castle (website), begin building layers of security around it. First, install top notch antivirus software on your computer and be sure that you have a security system in place to serve as your website’s first line of defense against cyber attacks. Work with your IT department to ensure that you have a robust web site security system in place.

Plan for the Worst

Even with the best security, an attack could still happen. This is why you must plan for the worst. Plan for a cyber attack by creating a process that outlines which steps you’ll take if an attack happens. For example, the process may include details on how your customers and employees will be notified, who will pull down the site until it is re-secured and more. Of course, you’ll then need to remember the process and follow through on it if an attack does happen. Having this plan in place can serve as a guiding light through the anxiety and anger that will likely follow a cyber attack.

The threat of a cyber attack is something many business owners aren’t prepared to face. Don’t be one of those business owners. Rather, from hiring experienced IT professionals to fortifying your online presence, take action today to keep your website and online business secure.

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