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How Are Mobiles Shaping The Future Of Our Young Generation? Are They A Boon or A Bane?

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With every ten steps further in technology, we seem to be taking a step back in our society. Everything has its good and bad aspects; it depends on our personal choice as to how we use them. Can you debate whether knife is a perilous weapon or a useful instrument for chopping vegetables? Well same implies with technology. It is unfair to doubt the possibilities of technology whether it is good or bad depends completely on our choice. Technology has only helped us evolve; we are constantly inventing something or the other to make our lives a little easier and comfortable.

Mobile phones are that part of technology which has helped in relieving stress from our lives, giving us easy accessibility and connectivity to our loved once, although it has also widened the gap in families; somehow. There once was a time when we were barely able to talk on phones, and today, we have advanced so much that we can video chat with people in almost any part of the world. Mobile phones have revolutionized the very existence of humans. Thanks to the wide range Mobile Price List in India, everybody in the country has accessibility to internet through their Android devices.

How Are Mobiles Shaping The Future Of Our Young Generation? Are They A Boon or A Bane?

Connectivity around the World

It is only because of mobile that we are able to connect with the world. Indian businesses have emerged to new heights, by entering into the global world of business. Globalization has opened doors for billions of small businesses to expand their wings. Mobile Price List in India, which includes brands from all around the world, is a small proof that technology or mere accessibility to communication has helped us in making a global mark. The growth of digital marketing is a proof of opportunities which can be obtained with only a few clicks. Phone also motivates youngsters to try their hands in creative online fields like blogging and creating YouTube videos. ‘BB Ki Vines’ is a popular Indian YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers, who started off his career making 5 second videos on Vine. He is making millions today, and still uses his phone to record his videos. Mobile Price List in Indiahas made giving equal opportunities to people a lot easier.

Internet Accessibility to All

Launch of Reliance Jio has also helped in digitizing the nation, this also increased Android sale in the country, which can be seen in Mobile Price List in India, where companies offer devices of diverse price range. Whether you have a laptop or a PC at your home or not, you will definitely have at least one mobile phone. This gives a chance of gaining knowledge to all people in the family. Google is available to all and can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Mobile Phones are a Bane for society

One cannot deny the fact that it is indeed a source of entertainment, which is mostly used for playing games and thanks to online television applications, used to watch television on mobile. We as humans have a tendency of getting attracted towards things which are prohibited to us. Mobile Price List in India, due to its inexpensive price is motivating parents in buying these radiation boxes for their small children. Not only can it be physically damaging, it can be mentally a risky as well, as one might watch something unsuitable for them. Youngsters spend approximately 4 hours each day surfing the net, chatting or playing on their cell phone. They are eliminating the need of physical presence. People today would rather chat through their phone than meet each other. We read almost every day that how terrorist are using mobile phones to exchange information. These phones have connected not only your families, but also the bad people in the society.

Mobile Price List in India, with lower price attracts consumers with its inexpensive prices. This can be harmful in several ways, as one cannot guarantee the quality of products which are used in the making of these mobile phones. This often heats up the battery, and has caused deaths of several users.


We should remember that we are the once deciding whether cell phones are a boon or bane to our society. The device in itself is never harmful; our utilization is what decides its outcome. Mobile Price List in India has helped the population in adapting the new trends of technology, where one can pretty much buy, sell, pay and do anything with a mobile phone.

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