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Benefits Of Using Rubber Wet Pour Surfacing

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In order to reduce potential injuries, it essential to have appropriate surfacing. This is where the type of surfacing comes into play. It is vital to make the playground a safe place to carry out activities. Whether creating an indoor or outdoor play area, planners should go for a safety surfacing to ensure that no unwanted accidents take place.

Wet pour surfaces are increasingly becoming popular in the past few years. More schools and nurseries are installing these surfaces to meet their requirements. This type of flooring is ideal for underneath play equipment as it can be installed in variety of depths to get to the safety requirements. Surface is also installed in different colors to create an entertaining environment for children to enjoy. Nevertheless, here are major benefits of using wet pour rubber.

Choice of thickness

Wet pour rubber needs to be professionally installed and you can click here for the details of space and design requirements. However, you have the choice to select how thick the surfacing should be. The thickness can be determined on the basis of how the area will be used and the type of equipment that will be installed. This is a major benefit that you can work out about the thickness of the surfacing.

Ideal for uneven surfaces

Wet pour rubber can be applied to uneven surfaces which makes it suitable for flat playgrounds, sloped areas and other uneven surfaces as well. For instance, wet pour surfacing can be installed at tree bases as well. It can even be applied to even surfacing as well. It simply provides a safer flooring and an environment so that children can enjoy their sport with safety concerns.

Weather resistant

Wet pour rubber surfaces are usually weather resistant. Whether it is rainy, windy or sunny, you can enjoy your favorite sport no matter what the conditions are. These surfaces are weather resistant and highly durable in nature. Even when wet, the surface does not go slippery making it safe to operate. The durable nature means that it can endure all sorts of weather conditions and there is no need for reinforcements. Surface is also damage proof that bad weather can cause. Cracks do not occur due to climatic changes.


This is another great benefit. Wet pour rubber is available in a wide range of colors and are installed in a manner to meet your needs. The customizable nature of it allows you to choose the size, thickness and let you make the modifications needed. They are even available in the conventional black and you can design it according to your preferences. You can choose the aesthetics that fits in the environment properly.


These wet pour rubber surfaces are highly versatile in nature. Given the benefits above, you can install them either in schools, gymnasiums, water parks, adventure parks, theme parks and nearly everywhere you want. These were just some of the advantages, it has got a lot reserved for the users.

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