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Hollywood-Inspired Weddings

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Expect glitz, glamor, and everything in between when weddings and Hollywood intersect. Hollywood has long been a favorite when it comes to wedding themes and designs by both planners and couples alike. This is because Hollywood as a theme is extremely dynamic. Plus, you can have a wide range of sub-themes from classic movies, new blockbusters, to the culture and lifestyle of Hollywood itself.

Hollywood-Inspired Weddings

In fact, with the amount of movies and blockbusters that have been released, the list of the things you can do when having a Hollywood-inspired wedding is practically endless. The only limit to the grandeur that you can pull off with a Hollywood wedding in tow is your imagination.

Hollywood-Inspired Wedding Themes and Ideas

Yes, we have three suggestions for a Hollywood-inspired wedding for you!

As Hollywood is such a dynamic and flexible wedding theme, every couple who chooses this can definitely have a unique wedding different from everyone else’s. Below are some Hollywood-inspired ideas for your wedding day.

  • Old Hollywood Wedding Theme

The old Hollywood wedding theme is a classic for a reason. The sophisticated styles, blinding lights, and the elegant aura exuded by the old Hollywood years are perfect for events such as weddings.

Make your wedding elements jive with the old Hollywood lifestyle. Style your invitations to look like movie tickets. Get creative with your seating chart and infuse film reels and framed black and white wedding photos into the design. Use a marquee wedding design to bright up the venue. Serve food and bubbly that are award show worthy. Transform your wedding into an experience like no other with the old Hollywood-inspired wedding theme.

  • James Bond Wedding Theme

James Bond is a Hollywood film packed with action, grandeur, and best of all, romance. There has been a recent spike in the number of people who choose this as their wedding theme. This is mostly because of the film’s incredible display of elegance and passion.

Use a spectacular sports car to make an entrance, utilize the classic Bond music and décor, choose from the myriads of James Bond themes available, from Dr. No, License to Kill, Casino Royale, to Spectre. Make your wedding action-packed for a change with a James Bond wedding theme.

  • The Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

The Great Gatsby is perhaps one of the best-produced period films of all time. The film accurately portrays the elegance and grace expected for people living during the 1920’s. With a wedding inspired by this, you can get in on the action and step into the shoes of the characters in the film.

Pop the champagne, dress dapper, and don the classic 1920’s female headbands with a theme like The Great Gatsby. To further entrench yourself in the period, use gilded centerpieces, classy coasters, tea sets, and give away fanciful favors to your beloved guests. Experience decadence and the life of excess with a theme like The Great Gatsby for your wedding.

A Hollywood-Inspired Menu for a Hollywood-Inspired Wedding

Perhaps one of the most awaited elements of every wedding service is the food and catering service. In order to keep up with your Hollywood theme, you need to find a catering company that can adjust the menu to embody the theme that you are going for.

If you are going all out for your Hollywood-inspired wedding, include the catering service in the mix and choose an experienced and trusted catering company for your wedding catering now!

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.

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