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Healthy and Wealthy Weekend: TOP 4 Kiddy Hotels In Greece

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What is paradise? You can see this place on our planet in Greece. You should visit it the earlier the better. This is a unique chance to meet the beauty of nature and ancient culture all together. Are you going to travel with kids? No problem! The task is making your family trip interesting, informative and healthful.

Obviously, you should find a good fashionable hotel where you and your kids feel comfortable. The most of hotels are situated in the admirable places to enjoy the local culture, cuisine, architecture, nature. Your kids will be glad to discover the country that is the motherland of Hellens, Hercules and Perseus. Meet TOP Greek hotels that offer TOP service and exciting time.

Family Holiday Fun, Queensland

Capsis Hotel

Capsis Hotel offers to visit the unique park of attractions that occupies about 4 000 square kilometers for all kids and their parents. The multilingual competent team consists of teachers, actors, nurses that are able to take care of your children and make you being in the hotel exciting and memorable. Minoan fairy world is new and only one theme park in Greece that is situated in the territory of the hotel. The park consists of the Minoan castle with different playing rooms and platforms in the open air, swimming pool, amphitheater and the Labyrinth.

For little guests:

Nursing services (for additional fee);

Animation program for kids;

Open-air playground;

Eternal Oasis – open air swimming pool with soft water and cascades;

Beach Aqua park with different attractions;

Special menu for kids in the restaurants;

Zoo in the hotel territory;

Baby cribs;

Resting room is situated in the outer part of the park to be the perfect place to have rest and sleep in the open air. You can find the beds of different sizes for kids of different age. The Minoan characters are pictured on the walls to be the part of a big fairy tale;

Puppet theatre and amphitheater in the open air welcome you to watch the puppet show and interesting performances;

Restaurant and bar are created special for little guests. They attract you with big choice of tasty things like juices, popcorn and others.

Blue Palace Resort & Spa Hotel

The hotel is situated in the historical Greek island – Crete. The chic resort opens admirable view to the island relics. The hotel resort is famous of its charm, style, architecture to be the beautiful place to mix lux category suits, tasty cuisine. This place invites you to discover charming Greece for all and everyone. Elegant bungalow, apartments, villas welcome you to have a good rest in Blue Palace Resort & Spa. Every next room opens admirable view to Aegean Sea from the big balcony or patio. There is a private swimming pool that is good for day rest and crazy parties in the evening.

What to get some rest? You can feel relaxation in the beach SPA salon. It is satiated on the beach to go to the seacoast. It is very beautiful and healthy. How about the olive oil massage and chef cocktail? You should also try traditional and various cuisines in the restaurant chain of Blue Palace Resort & Spa. This is also a perfect place for shooting. The nature is green and hospitable here.

Club Calimera Sunshine Kreta

The lux hotel of 5 stars in situated on the seaside. It was renewed in 2011. You may use a big new swimming pool for kids and adults, new swimming pool for kids equipped with waterfalls and water hills. The hotel suits are roomy and interesting. There is a restaurant, sport ground, entertaining program for kids and big companies, amphitheater, internet.

The South-East coast of the island is situated not very far from Heraklion. The hotel building consists of the main building and bungalows. All guests have an opportunity to visit Sunshine Crete Village that is situated 200 meters far from the hotel. There is a bus help and underground walkway near here. The Club CalimeraSunshine Kreta is really good complex that gives you a chance to spend your holiday in friendly relaxed atmosphere. The hotel boasts with the high class service, comfortable suits and warm hospitable atmosphere. Of course, it is recommended for family vacation.

Your kids are interested in:

Sweet buffet;

Kids’ furniture;

Special place to take care of your kids on the go (microwave, milk, sugar, cocoa, bottles heater);

Swimming pool for active kids and big pool with water hills for adult kids;

Big swimming pool for relaxation (420 square meters).

Kid having fun in hotel pool

Kassandra Palace Hotel

Kassandra Palace is TOP hotel that is built in the picturesque landscapes on the Kassandra Island. The hotel is surrounded with a big flowered garden and tropic trees. The hotel boasts with good service and polite and attentive personnel. The atmosphere is traditionally friendly and hospitable. The hotel is situated in Kriopigi, 90 km far from Thessaloniki. You can hire a car in Thessaloniki and drive for 90 kilometers to your hotel. The suits are restored to be stylish, decorated in traditional Greek design.

For kids:

Swimming pool;





Every evening entertaining program;

Mickey Club is a big city for kids with all necessary equipment for their funny time. Actually, this is a big pavilion full of toys and attractions for kids of different age. There is a big playground with swings and hills. There is also a team of experienced animators to get them to the world of fairy tales.


Mickey Club and playground make creative and friendly atmosphere for kids to develop their skills in writing, drawing, acting and singing. Of course, kids are also involved in water sports in the safe zone in the swimming pool for kids.

What is more…

How old are your kids? You know, the vacation may be not only interesting, but healthful because of favorable salty climate and sport activities. Your kids can play tennis or big tennis, surf rules or swimming. The free Wi-Fi help you to download the most exciting pictures and send them to your family and friends to be proud of their achievements all together.

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