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Healthy Benefits Of Having Chilled Water Dispensers At Home

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The modern world tends to be obsessed with how we look and how fit and healthy we are, and society is always looking for the latest diet fad or super food. Every magazine you open shows you inside the fridge of the latest skinny celebrity or displays the newest exercise routines to boost your health. However, one of the most readily accessible utilities that promotes healthy living and is available in every home is often over looked: cold water.

Healthy Benefits Of Having Chilled Water Dispensers At Home

Studies have shown many benefits that can be gained by drinking glasses of cold water in terms of health and appearance, yet it is still one of the least preferred forms of drink and many new homes still don’t feature chilled water dispensers in their kitchens.

Burning Calories

One of the best side effects of drinking a glass of chilled water has to be that it burns calories – no gym or sweating required. When you drink a glass of ice-cold water, your body’s metabolism increases by as much as 50 per cent. Our bodies are constantly trying to achieve a core body temperature of 37.0 degrees celsius, so when you reduce this, your body works in overtime to achieve this temperature again. Whilst this is no substitute for eating healthily and partaking in regular exercise, we could all do with an extra boost. It couldn’t be easier to lose up to 20 calories with one glass of water.

Get the Glow

Whilst drinking hot water strips our skin of its natural essential oils, cold water does the exact opposite and promotes the creation of these oils. A glass of chilled water also increases the blood flow to our skin’s surface, creating a healthy glow that anyone would be envious of!

Start Your Day Right

So many of us struggle to wake up in the mornings, especially on those dark winter mornings where we are sure our alarm clock is displaying the wrong time. Instead of traipsing into the kitchen and reaching bleary-eyed for the kettle to make your normal cup of coffee, why not try a glass of cold water from chilled water dispensers? This new morning routine will increase your heart rate, providing you with a shot of adrenaline to help kick-start your day in a healthy and cheap way.

Healthy from the Inside Out

Not only does a glass of cold water help promote glowing skin and increase weight loss, it also does so much more for your health. Some recent studies indicate that cold water actually increases the stability of your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells. These cells are what our body uses to fight infection and kill bacteria.

With so many benefits of simply drinking a glass of cold water, it has never been easier to install a chilled water dispenser into your home. Modern systems are aesthetically pleasing with their stylish, contemporary yet functional design and seamlessly fit into any kitchen design, leaving you with a practical product that is good for your health.

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