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Have A Subscription Of Stratfor Global Intelligence & Stay Ahead Of Others

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Finding useful information of non-political nature and that too represented in a form of graphs and interactive is a difficult task. However, such information usually proves to be immensely beneficial to entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. to develop a better understanding of the changing world events and what they actually mean which is not covered by any media.

Stratfor Global Intelligence exactly does the same by its offerings for a worldwide clientele. The agency based in Austin in Texas enjoys a considerable repute around the globe for its accurate reports and forecasts which helps its subscribers to stay ahead of others. People who subscribe the offerings of the agency not only include prestigious media houses and retired military officials, but also business owners, embassies and multinational companies.

Have A Subscription Of Stratfor Global Intelligence & Stay Ahead Of Others

The accurate reports of the agency help its subscribers to stay informed and help in strategic planning if they are going to invest in the market or are thinking about expanding their business. The agency has till date offered many accurate predictions related to the economy, politics, military, etc that has prompted even many federal governments to look forward towards their products and services by becoming a subscriber. The agency boasts of a strong team of experts including analysts who have a profound knowledge in a broad range of domains and have exceptional analytic skills to understand the hidden implications of the actions and behaviors of some world leaders as well as organizations.

Benefits of Individual Subscription

There are outstanding benefits of having a subscription of Stratfor Global Intelligence as the offerings are plenty including an unrestricted access to content and its mobile app. Some of the other vital benefits are the following ones:

  • Exclusive Infographic and Interactive materials
  • Quarterly, Annual and Decade Forecasts
  • Live Global Subscriber Support
  • Real-Time Situation Reports
  • New Analysis Added Daily
  • Satellite Imagery Analysis
  • Daily Intelligence Brief
  • Global Affairs Weekly
  • Geopolitical Weekly
  • The Stratfor Insider
  • Geopolitical Diary
  • Security Weekly
  • In-Depth Series
  • Videos, Maps

Stratfor Global Intelligence has already offered its annual forecast 2016 which is received well by its subscribers and has some startling predictions like a strong possible jihadist threat, weakening of anti-Islamic state campaign, continuation of low oil prices, and surge of nationalism across Europe. Let’s accept the fact that predicting events that can affect the political scenario, world economy or others is a challenging task and the agency is doing the same since many years consistently. If you are an entrepreneur or someone with keen interest in world affairs, it is best to subscribe the offerings of the intelligence agency and stay informed. While this helps entrepreneurs to engage into safe strategic planning for their business operations, this also helps individuals to fulfill their quest for deep analysis of world events.

Subscription process is extremely easy and moreover, you can always download the same as an app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store depending on your mobile device operating system to have a seamless access to its offerings anywhere anytime!

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