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Hair Removal: Essential Components Of Laser Treatment That You Should know

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The most popular treatment for permanent hair removal is the laser treatment. It is a technique that employs the use of Intense Pulse Light, which can reduce and in some cases prevent the hair growth. Before opting for this method to get rid if the hair on your skin, you may consider the essential components of laser hair removal treatment.

Hair Removal: Essential Components Of Laser Treatment That You Should know

  • The laser in the hair removal treatment is generally produced using machines like the Cutera Coolglide, or the Lightsheer Diode. These machines produce a high-intensity selective beam that produces heat. This heat can destroy the follicle, which is considered to be the production house of the hair.
  • The equipment used in the laser hair removal must be handled by a trained professional. The reason is the laser have a high-intensity beam that can easily damage the skin if not used by an expert. Hence, while choosing a parlor for a hair removal treatment by laser, it is essential to go through the efficiency of the staff in using the high-end machines.
  • Often people have become victims of scarring and skin burns because they received the treatment from inexperienced hands. You may seek the advice of your dermatologist before undergoing the treatment. If you choose price over quality, it may leave you vulnerable to the side effects of laser hair removal like blisters that are caused due to the intense beam.
  • You may have to bear extreme levels of pain. It is a variable factor for everyone. Pain in some cases may last for weeks and some the pain may disappear after two to three days. Another probable side effect is skin pigmentation. The cases of skin pigmentation can be considered as worst of all consequences due to laser hair removal treatment. Although the scars may disappear, the marks may not get discolored. You would not like the scars damaging your face.
  • Do your research online and take recommendations from your social circles to find a reliable salon for the permanent hair removal treatment. The technique may not live up to your expectations as the treatment, or the salon does not guarantee that the growth of the hair will slow down. There are high chances that the hair would not grow back at the same pace as they used to.
  • Before going for the treatment and allowing the salon staff to perform an experiment on your body, you can do a patch test. The test is available in leading salons, in which you can test a small part of the body for the laser bombardment. By this, you may find out the outcome of the procedure that will be performed on the body.
  • Skin type is another significant feature of the hair removal process. While people with lighter shades of skin can be treated for hair removal in nearly every other salon in the town. The dark skinned on the other hand require an expert supervision. Hence, the dark skinned people need to be comparatively treated with more attention and care. The technology or the procedure of laser hair removal was specifically designed for the two skin types; the dark and the light skin type. Modifications and technological advancements have extended the reach of the treatment to all skin types.

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