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Getting Hitched Away From Home: Planning A Destination Wedding

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Those looking to get away for their big day may be considering a destination wedding. This gives couples all the pomp and circumstance of a wedding but in a vacation setting, providing a way for guests to get away for a weekend to help the couple celebrate their vows. While destination weddings can be a fun alternative to a home town fete, they can present their own challenges. Here we’ll explore those challenges as well as the many benefits destination weddings within the U.S. offer.

Getting Hitched Away From Home: Planning A Destination Wedding


There are several challenges posed by destination weddings, but with a little planning and dedication can be handled easily. First, because by very definition these types of weddings feature a destination far from home base, they can be tough to plan. This is especially so if the planner is used to being in control of everything.

As such, it is important to come to terms with putting control into the hands of the wedding planner at the chosen venue to connect and identify all the necessary resources. Rely on the wedding planner to secure local vendors, rent out tents and lighting, meet special requests of guests, and come up with activities to keep guests busy once there, says The Knot. This person will be the eyes and ears on the ground, so to speak, so a big challenge will be letting go. Another challenge is vetting all potential vendors from afar. This means extra research into booking photographers, DJs, florists and the like by looking intensely at online portfolios and reviews.

An additional challenge is that of the guest list. By holding a wedding in a destination other than the couple’s hometown, whether it’s a few states over or the opposite coast, the burden of traveling to the wedding is placed on the guests. They will be expected to pay for their own transportation, and this often includes air fare, which could mean the difference between guests being able to attend or having to decline. If the plan is for a huge fairy tale wedding with 200 guests at a distant destination, prepare to settle for less than half that, considering who has the financial ability or the time off from work and school to come.


All challenges aside, there are many benefits that come with a destination wedding. Holding the special day in a dream locale, such as on a white sandy beach or on a sparkling lake can be especially attractive if where the couple usually lives in cold and drab on the dates the wedding is to be held.

Big traditional weddings aren’t for everyone and a destination wedding can hold a certain laid-back appeal. Destination weddings also give a chance to do something different than friends or family members, allowing the couple to say “I do” in a unique, breathtaking environment, whether on a cliff somewhere, under the water among tropical fish or overlooking the twinkling lights of a city. What makes a destination wedding special is all about what the couple makes of it. Destination weddings make having a storybook wedding simple, complete with wait staff who attending to every need, gorgeous scenery, open air spaces and customized elements, says the Grand View Restaurant in San Jose.

The best part about a destination wedding, according to Dream Destination Wedding, is that it can be the beginning of an elaborate and exciting honeymoon as well!

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