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Gamification Examples: Improving The Learning Experience

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It is said that for successful learning to happen, three factors must work together. These include training, getting feedback from watching other people perform the task and personally taking part in the task. It is believed that these three aspects of learning must occur together for the learning process to be effective. Many teaching techniques have been developed to try and provide this balance in the process of learning, especially in learning modes that are unconventional such as e-learning. So far, the most successful of these methods has been gamification. Here are a few Gamification examples and information about how the learning model works.

What is Gamification?

The term can simply be defined as any technique that is applied by trainers to leverage the natural desires of their students to learn, interact with others and master skills, compete and even in self-expression. When many people hear about the term, they think about a bunch of fun games that kids play at school from time to time. However, there is more to gamification examples than just playing around. As a matter of fact, there are times when gamification does not involve playing games at all. The main aim of the model is to apply game type thinking to situations that aren’t connected to any game or simply in other real life situations.

Does Gamification Really Help?

There are many people that do not consider gamification a viable method of enhancing the learning process. They normally cite the high cost of the process, the time it takes to develop the models and the mere fact that it is repetitive to discredit it. Most instructors shy away from using it because there is no scientific evidence that shows that the method is effective.

What Are The Most Common Gamification Examples?
  • The US Army: There was a time when people used to avoid considering the army as a career option for their children. This was because of the negative images that came from the media about the process. The army started releasing videos about the US Army virtual experience in 1999. Today, it has become a very powerful recruitment tool.
  • Jillian Michaels: If you have ever used an app to help you stay on track with personal goals such as weight loss, fitness and other similar goals, chances are that you have used Jillian’s gamification model.
  • Recyclebank: the company rewards its users for applying the techniques they teach in the conservation of the environment. They actively track how well you are doing with your recycling and give you discounts from companies such as flower suppliers, Macy’s and The Honest Company.

These are some of the major Gamification examples in the world of business. Other companies that are using it include Samsung, Verizon insider, Treehouse, and many others. As you can see, even though the model seems to have attracted its fair share of critics, there are many people that believe in the model. This means that it really is an effective way of encouraging learning.

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