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Fun Activities When You Visit Your Grandparents

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When their families visit the elderly housed in senior living communities, these moments become the highlight of the lives of these grandparents. After all, they’ve spent years and years in order to ensure that their family can have the best that life can offer. Seeing their own children have children of their own brings a certain amount of joy to grandparents, and interacting with their grandchildren become nostalgic and meaningful interactions.

When planning to visit your grandparents, it can be tempting to plan a day filled with so much activity and games. However, as much as our grandparents would like to participate in such activities, their advanced age prevents them from doing so. Therefore, when planning activities for when you visit your grandparents, it is important that you consider their physical and mental limitations.


Entertaining Games and Activities When You Visit Your Grandparents

Just because your grandparents may not be able to be as physically active as you are, doesn’t mean that you cannot have shared activities that will surely bring happiness to their lives. In order to help you decide what to do when you visit your grandparents, here are some examples of grandparent-approved activities that you can do.

  1. Cooking and baking

Baking and cooking are activities that anyone will surely enjoy, regardless of age. The sweet smell and incredible taste of appetizers, entrees, pastries and desserts can be appreciated by virtually anyone, and what’s amazing with this bonding activity is that it doesn’t require people to stand for long periods of time.

This is one of the best activities that you can share with your grandparents, as it not only gives them the comfort of sitting down while doing it, but also affords them to talk to their children and grandchildren for a long time while preparing all the ingredients and mixing them together. When cooking and baking, you do not just ensure their comfort and give them chance to have social interaction; you also have a final output that is guaranteed to impress anyone: food.

  1. Picnics and walking around parks

The picturesque park does not just afford the whole family the space to run around, chat and eat, but also gives your elders the chance to exercise and have non-strenuous physical activities. While in the park, you can engage your grandparents with stories of your experiences, and they can also regale you with their memories of the past.

Sitting on checkered blankets, and eating and interacting with your children, all while you watch your grandchildren run around and play is certainly a good memory that your grandparents can keep for life.

  1. Playing cards and board games

There are many cards and board games that people can choose from nowadays. When visiting your grandparents, bringing these games will certainly bring smiles to their faces.

Gather around and sit on comfortable sofas or chairs, pick your game and let the happiness commence. These activities do not just give your grandparents the opportunity to play with their grandchildren; it also gives them mental stimulation that could help their cognitive health in the long run.

Make Your Grandparents’ Day with These Fun Activities

Grandparents deserve all the love and respect that their children and grandchildren can give. Always make it a point to visit your elderly as much as possible, as it not only reminds them that their families care for them, but also gives them the opportunity to engage with social interactions that improve their physical and mental health.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.

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