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Flashing Details To Clay Tile Roofing

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As there are varying types of roofing construction, so too, roofing materials offer variety of choice. These include wood, asphalt, composite shingles, slate, concrete and clay tiles. Sources note that for the past few decades clay and concrete tile roofs have enjoyed close sales competition. The cost of ceramic clay tiles is generally higher than concrete tiles. The longevity for either choice is noted to be similar that being up to 75 years.

Flashing Details To Clay Tile Roofing

Ceramic Clay Tile

Production of clay tiles occur when individual pieces undergo firing in a kilm. Via this process the clay hardens, color is set and a moisture barrier results in producedtiles. Tiles may be flat or formed to assume a barrel shape.

-Clay tiles are noted to be resistant to rot or insects.

-Clay tiles are noted to be durable.

-Clay tiles work well with a roof that has at least an 18-degree slope.

-Clay tiles are resistant to fire.

Home Construction Choice

One manufacturer offers clay tiles that are barrel shaped. These are said to reflect a Spanish or Mediterranean house plan. Meanwhile, flat tiles reflect a style similar to wood or slate. Furthermore, ceramic clay tile roofing is said to improve the resale value of a dwelling. Design options are readily available if one chooses roofing with clay tiles.

Factors To Consider

Roofing with ceramic clay tiles may result in low maintenance and longevity. However, tiles are weighty. The support underneath must be durable, long lasting and able to provide continual support to the tile. Tile Roofing requires inspection at the outset to ensure the dwelling is suitable.

Generally, sources note clay tiles compared to concrete have a longer warranty period extending to 75 years; whereas concrete tiles have a 50 year warranty. Per square foot, lower-grade concrete tile pieces range in price from $5.00 to $9.00. Clay tiles of a similar grade range from $7.00 to $10.00. Higher grades of clay tiles have a more significant cost range as do concrete tiles.

Other factors influencing cost include shape and size of roof, time required for removal of old roofing, time to prepare the roof for new clay tiles and freight cost for tile delivery.


Ceramic clay tile is noted to be low maintenance, durable, fire-resistant and lasts up to 75 years. Selection may reflect personal taste in design. Checking contractor license, references and cost estimation are strongly recommended. The National Roofing Contractors Association offers guides and contractor referrals.

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