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Features To Consider For Buying Top Fitness Trackers

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Are you looking forward to purchase a brand new fitness tracker? Well, when it comes to fitness trackers, the individuals usually come across a number of options and at times, it becomes intimidating to choose the right one. It is significant to research well instead of picking a random one. If you’re finding it difficult to come up with a decision, consider reading the following write-up thoroughly as we’ve jotted down the extensive reviews of some of the best fitness trackers available in the marketplace these days.

Features To Consider For Buying Top Fitness Trackers

Prior to knowing more about the most functional fitness trackers, it is essential to know the important features that you need to look for before purchasing one. To get the best fitness tracker for women, the aspects that you need to consider are:

  • Weight: The fitness tracker should be light yet sturdy as well as durable. It must not feel that heavy on the wrist so that it becomes difficult to wear for longer hours.
  • Battery Life: The good trackers run well for almost 5-10 days on one single charge. In case, you don’t feel like recharging every time, you can opt for the fitness trackers which offer the battery time for almost 6 months.
  • Protection: Good trackers generally have that power to resist dust and water. The finest ones are usually waterproof and can be easily used for swimming and other water sports.

The other features that you need to consider include screen and sensors.

The Top Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Flex

This slim, light, comfortable as well as easy to use sleep and activity tracker features a silent and convenient vibrating wakeup alarm. Some of the many features of this tracker include:

  •    Warranty: 1 year
  •    Battery Life: 5 days
  •    Weight: 16gm
  •    Screen: LED lights for tracking goal progress
  •    Waterproof: Yes

Fitbit Charge

This is a light sleep and activity tracker which features OLED screen display that showcases the clock as well as other details like step counter. This tracker has a great battery life that lasts for 7-10 days on a single charge. The features include:

  •    Warranty: 1 year
  •    Battery life: 7-10 days
  •    Weight: N/A
  •    Screen: OLED display
  •    Water Resistant: mostly 1 ATM

Fitbit Surge

This is indeed the top line smart watch and fitness tracker offered by Fitbit that features built-in GPS tracker as well as continual heart rate monitor. This tracker offers the individuals with commendable ability to track the distance covered, the pace as well as the elevation climbed. The features of this functional tracker are:

  •    Warranty: 1 year
  •    Battery life: 7 days and GPS almost up to ten hours
  •    Weight: N/A
  •    Screen: OLED display
  •    Water Resistant: mostly up to five ATM

The other trackers that you should consider are Garmin Vivofit, Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch, Jawbone Up, Jawbone Up 2, Jawbone Up 3, Nike+ Fuelband SE and Misfit Shine. If you’re keen to buy any of these trackers, make sure to find the right store that offers functional products of high-quality at best rates.

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