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Features And Benefits Of Environ Facials

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Environ is a South African beauty brand which offers excellent anti aging results, the Environ brand was developed by notable plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes and is a leading beauty brand. Environ treatments need to be provided by a trained Environ skin care professional.

Environ products provide the skin with increased doses of vitamin A. Vitamin A has many benefits, this vitamin helps to create a stronger immune system and healthy skin, more on the benefits of vitamin A below.


Once you have found a therapist you will need to book a consultation. At the initial consultation the therapist will identify the products required for your skin type and goals; these products will help the skin to become comfortable and because the therapist is a well trained professional the initial consultation will reduce the chances of a reaction.


Environ is a natural preservative and additive free skin care range, the range is backed by more than 20 years of research and human testing. The range contains Vitamin A and many other absorbable fresh anti-oxidents such as vitamins C, E, D and beta-carotene. All the vitamins in Environ products are chosen for their anti-oxident, skin hydrating and collagen promoting qualities.

Features And Benefits Of Environ Facials

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known for its corrective effects on the skin, the addition of this vitamin provides a smooth and softening effect; it also protects the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Vitamin A encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin and also improves the natural moisture of the skin – which results in skin becoming healthy and more youthful in appearance.

Different Treatments

There are many types of Environ facial treatments available, treatments include frown treatments, cool peel treatments, collagen stimulation therapy and many more. The treatments are effective against photo-ageing, uneven skin-tones, scarring, problem skin and fine lines.

Clients who are undertaking the Environ collagen stimulation therapy can expect amazing results without the need of invasive surgery, harsh chemicals or the use of lasers, its completely natural and uses the skins own power of rejuvenation, the treatment is so gentle it is available on all areas of the face and body.

In order for treatments to be successful and the desired result achieved it is recommended that a course of 6-12 treatments are undertaken, as well as applying products at home, a tailor made treatment regime will be created at the initial consultation.

Some treatments are for the body, for such treatments the therapist may ask the client to undress, this will be to the client’s level of comfort/modesty, and then to position themselves comfortably on the treatment couch under a sheet or large towel. During the session, the therapist may move the sheet this is to expose only those parts of the body to which treatment is being applied.

The treatment environment is important in order for the client to feel relaxed. The room should be warm and peaceful, low-level lighting, soft music and a pleasing aroma all add to the effect to the treatment.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of beauty bars, the Shoreditch based beauty salon say they are very enthusiastic about the effects of Environ.

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