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Favorite Educational Websites

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This is a list of useful websites for worksheets, homework help and educational videos. supplies a multitude of worksheets on all subjects for all grade levels. This one is really the best website I’ve used so far for printable worksheets. Examples include calculating the area of a hexagon, division, decimals, multiplication, money math,fractions, science, phonics and holiday fun sheets. is definitely worth the time browsing and printing. You’ll likely find so many useful worksheets, you’ll be printing all night.

Homeschool Helper Online has the best worksheets on subjects such as geography, language arts and science. Label the flower, insect and human body. Find work in maps, state worksheets and holiday help. There is a healthy mix here also.

Starfall is the place for early reading. Print easy books or read along with interactive stories. Practice letter sounds and improve your child’s understanding of phonics.This is the website teachers use in classrooms. It is the best on line resource I’ve seen for early reading. However, nothing replaces reading with your child or a child reading on their own. The option to print stories or to read on line in interactive stories makes this site very versatile and all the more helpful to suit a child’s daily, changing needs in reading.

For science worksheets and lesson plans try Teachnology. Elements and compounds, scientific method, measurement, sorting and classifying, space, dinosaurs, environment and more are listed for your printing pleasure. Also, you’ll find math, social studies, language arts and research skills.

“Dare to explore.” National Geographic Kids is available on line.

Visit Bill Nye’s store and read his blog. Remember, Bill Nye, The Science Guy?

To keep track of the time-line as it pertains to science visit, Today in Science.

Science News for Kids talks about current themes in agriculture, animals, food and nutrition, space, astronomy, physics, mathematics, computers and more. Visit their puzzle zone, SciFiZone, LabZone, and game zone.

Kid’s Know It Network is the perfect place to explore astronomy, biology, geology, history, math, spelling and more. Play educational games and watch informative movies about everything from the parts of speech to the human body and space.

Kidipede is a kid’s encyclopedia which has been on line since 1996. Use it for reports or homeschooling. It’s a history and science encyclopedia for middle school kids.

America’s Story from America’s Library, The Library of Congress shares information on Colonial America, Revolutionary Period, The New Nation, Western Expansion and Reform, Civil War Reconstruction[ 1866-1877], Progressive Era, Great War and Jazz Age, Depression and WW2.

Finally, if your child needs a little music in their life or if you’re preparing to enroll your child in music education give them a jump start. Boombox Classroom provides worksheets in Harmony, Melody and Rhythm. Answer keys are included.

For musical note worksheets visit and for all related essay writing go to Prescott Papers.

Enjoy your educational resources!

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