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FAQs About Solar Energy – Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy

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Solar energy is a renewable resource of energy derived from sun rays to generate electricity and heat. It is known for its ability of generating power in a clean, quiet and consistent manner.

An average person can save more than $1000 a year on utility bills by installing solar power system on the roof. Want to know more? Here are the lists of frequently asked questions by users on solar energy.

How Does Solar Power System Work?

For your simple understanding, cells of photovoltaic product consist of a semi-conductor substance such as silicone. The elements boron and phosphorus are then added to the silicon to create conductivity within the portions of the cell to help the movement of electrons.

With the use of sunlight, these electrons get activated and move across the cell into the electric circuit connected to the solar panel. For more information you may visit the orange-country solar website.

What is the cost of a solar power system?

With growing popularity of solar power system, the solar power costs less than traditional electricity in the market. The cost will include panels, inverter, panel mounts and labor needed for the installation purpose. You can get an estimate on the same if you research on multiple websites or find a solar energy installer to price and size the right option for you.

What type of savings can you do with your utility bills?

The combination of energy saving appliances and lights can help in reducing your utility by two third. The energy consumption depends on how much power you use and how energy efficient product you use. During summer time when days are comparatively long, solar power system will generate more electricity which can help offset the energy from the grid during winters.

What type of maintenance is required for solar energy?

Both solar water heaters and solar photovoltaic panels require less maintenance. There is no need to dust, or wash. However, you need to ensure to place the panels away from shade and debris. In case of the solar hot water system, you can periodically use wash brush, soap, and clean the panel tubes with water.

Do You Need Special Insurance for Solar Power Systems?

If you have a standard insurance policy for homeowners, then it is sufficient to meet the requirements. It is only required for signing an interconnection agreement.

Will you need a special building permit to install the Solar Power?

Yes, you will need the building permit to install a solar water system and photovoltaic. In addition, plumbing, electrical and building codes will also apply.

How many solar panels will you need?

The size of a solar photovoltaic depends on energy needs, overall cost and available space for system and installation. Local contractors who deal in solar power installation can help you determine the best suitable size for your house.

Some of the additional factors to consider would be the location of your house, climate, wind speed, water. All these factors will affect the performance along with how the arrays are mount and facing sunlight.

It is recommended that you seek out professional help who holds specialization in solar power installation. They can help to confirm the size and type of solar power system suitable for your house and will help with the installation.

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