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Facts You Need to Know About the Camino del Norte

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When you want to get away from it all, there’s no better way than to pack your bags and start walking. The Camino del Norte has long been one of Europe’s best kept secrets, and with good reason!

To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything this amazing trail has to offer, we’re going to talk you through everything you need to know. Now all you have to do is read our handy hints and tips and then get busy planning your very own trip of a lifetime.

Facts You Need to Know About the Camino del Norte

There’s Over 800 km to Choose From!

825 km to be precise! With a trail network of this size, it can be hard to know where to begin when you come to start planning things. The most important thing to remember here is that you aren’t obliged to tackle the entire thing in one lung-busting effort. Take your time to identify the key towns and villages that will make the trip perfect for you and plan your trip around them. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Also think about this; you could tackle it in sections year after year, so that you make your way from one end to other. Now that would be a fun thing to say you’d done, wouldn’t it?

A Coastal Charm That Can’t be Beat

What sets the Camino del Norte apart from any other trail that you’ll have worked your way along is its connection with the coast. As it makes its way along the northern coast that is often known as ‘Green Spain’, you’ll be able to take in all manner of coastal views that have to be seen to be believed. Your journey begins in the Basque Country where you can get a unique insight into local life that has endured for generations. From there, you’ll walk across Cantabria and Asturias before making your way along to Galicia.

The coastal route is dotted with quaint little fishing villages and larger towns and cities. Perfect for allowing you to experience an entire spectrum of local living in a single trip. Just make sure to plan where you’re going to stay so that you can experience a bit of everything. That way you’ll ensure you never miss out on something amazing that may be just around the corner or over the next gentle coastal climb!

Coastal Breezes Keep You Nice and Cool

The great thing about walking along the coast is that you have a constant gentle breeze that will keep you nice and cool. There are no days when you’ll be at the mercy of the beating sun without a dash of wind to cool you down. And for those of you who love to stop off and enjoy a bite to eat out of your bag, there’s plenty of natural shade to set up camp for an hour or two.

This makes it an ideal route to be tackled all year round by groups of a variety of ages and fitness levels. You don’t have to be a renowned mountain explorer to get from one end to the other. You just need a passion for hiking and a gentle pace and you’ll be able to take in all the sights as you get away from it all.

Make Sure You Know What to Pack

Whether this is your first hiking trip or you’re a seasoned walker, it never hurts to double check what you need to take with you. The Camino del Norte is in a part of the world that is sunnier than most during the summer months, which means you’ll want to take plenty of water and a big slathering of sunscreen.

You’ll also want to plan ahead so that you can make the most of a few of the coastal sights and relax on the beaches if the mood takes you. Whilst your hiking boots will serve you well on the trails, you may want to take a pair of flip-flops out of your bag before you tread on the sand. If even a little bit of sand works its way into your socks and boots it can be a nightmare to get rid of and a sure fire way to give yourself some seriously painful blisters. Other than that, it’s just the standard stuff like a packed lunch for when you’re in between towns, and a light poncho so you’re protected in the unlikely event of a sudden downpour.

It’s Not to be Missed

This last one really is true! If you want to make sure your next hike is one you’ll never forget, then this coastal jaunt is one that you need to start planning sooner rather than later. Just make sure to take your camera with you so that you can capture a few of the views that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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