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Exploring Chinese Cuisine — You Need to Try China’s Most Popular Dishes At Least Once!

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Chinese cuisine is very popular in the Western World. Therefore, people from all walks of life have enjoyed eating the dish. Regardless of which neighbourhood you call home, you can probably find a Chinese restaurant near your residence. China’s food has formed a very important part of its culture and has also been a major influence on numerous Asian cuisines.

Following the Chinese diaspora, the Chinese settled in different parts of the globe, and a large majority moved to neighbouring countries in Asia. The migration led to a fusion of authentic Chinese dishes with other popular foods in the country. As a result, many unique new dishes were created.

Because China is one of the world’s largest geographically covered areas, Chinese natives have categorised most of their authentic dishes into several regions. For instance, many of China’s “modern cuisines,” such as Shandong, Sichuan, Anhui, Cantonese and Zhejiant are revered all over the globe.

Exploring Chinese Cuisine — You Need to Try China’s Most Popular Dishes At Least Once!

Therefore, plenty of Bristol’s takeaway outlets offer authentic, Hakka Chinese food. You can easily find a Chinese takeaway menu in Bristol and then place your order. You should absolutely try at least one of the following Chinese dishes!

Kung Pao Chicken

One of the most locally and globally popular Sichuan style recipes is the Kung Pao chicken. Also known as Gong Bao chicken in a few areas, the dish requires the following ingredients: diced chicken, fried peanuts, and dried chilli.

In several Western places, they also add mashed potatoes and a bit of cornstarch to give it a unique taste. Kung Pao chicken is a dry dish, so if you do not want any gravy added to your meat, this is a great option. It is definitely worth trying!

Chop Suey

The Chinese who were living in the United States created Chop Suey. However, it rose to popularity quickly in China and is now regarded as a staple dish of Chinese cuisine. Chop Suey consists of meat that is diced and mixed with stir-fried noodles.

Then, a number of additional ingredients are added into the fray, such as celery, cabbage, bean sprouts, and other types of vegetables. A thick sauce is also added, and a fried egg is placed on the top. It is a pretty unique dish, so you will definitely enjoy eating it.

Chow Mein

Chow Mein literally means stir-fried noodles. However, they do not resemble ordinary noodles that are served to you in a plate. Chow Mein is prepared differently than other noodle dishes. In fact, you can add a number of finely cut vegetables and meat in the noodles and fry them properly to get a unique taste.

It is an extremely popular dish in many parts of the United Kingdom, and many people order it to go. It is readily available through different take-out restaurants and stands, and every chef puts his/her own spin on the famous dish. These are three of the best Chinese dishes that you need to try!

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