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How To Moisturize Acne Prone Dry Skin During Winter

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Acne is a common phenomenon experienced by many women due to unhealthy eating habits, hormones and poor skin regimes. An acne prone skin is very oily and greasy due to accumulation of fats beneath the skin layer and clogged pores. With the arrival of winter season, temperatures at times go beyond zero degrees, cold winds acts as a threat to any dry and acne prone skin. Lots of moisture is drawn from the skin making it flaky, dry and itchy.
To eliminate this problem, routine moisturizing is essential. During this season, every woman should use lighter moisturizing lotions, formulas and moisturizing gels that moisturizes their skin with less clogging of the pores. Regardless of the type of acne, every woman should follow the following 8 amazing steps towards moisturizing their problematic skin during a chilly climate.

How To Moisturize Acne Prone Dry Skin During Winter

1. Use of raw honey

Honey is a homemade natural ingredient with medicinal and antibacterial properties. It acts as the best skin moisturizer when applied directly to the skin during winter. It should be left on the skin until it dries off. Using lukewarm water, rinse it off. The water content in the honey deeply moisturizes the skin making it soft and supple.

2. Use of milk and gram flour

The above components mixed with honey forms the best skin moisturizes for any acne prone dry skin. A teaspoon of each of these components should be mixed and then left on the skin for about 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. When used once in a week all over the face and the neck, it makes the skin glow with moisture.

3. Hydrate from the inside too

During winter, taking plenty of water is as essential as during the dry season. For a well moisturized acne prone dry skin, take the recommended eight glasses of water to hydrate the skin. A cup of decaffeinated tea can be taken as an alternative if taking water does not appeal during the cold season.

4. Less or non irritating products

Most moisturizers in the market contain irritating elements. Irritating elements dries the skin. Always check the labels and list of ingredients before purchasing any moisturizer. Most products from Dove are normally rated as least irritating and they should be adopted during all seasons.

5. Avoid use of harsh cleansers

Most acne focused cleansers contains loads of harsh and strong ingredients aimed for drying up excess oils and skin breakouts. Using such products, excess only worsens he situation. The dry and dead skin piles up, traps bacteria and oils, clogs the pores causing more breakouts and bumps. To avoid this scenario, always go for a mild and gentle moisturizer during cold seasons.

6. Use alcohol free toners

An alcohol free toner used after cleansing the skin boosts deep hydration and soothes any acne prone dry skin. Such skin is heavily clogged with oils and other impurities. The great way to moisturize its by use of a mild toner since its major proportion is water. The toner should later be followed by a gentle serum to thoroughly moisten the skin. This water is absorbed by the skin during toning process.

7. Use a good formulation

A well formulated moisturizer should contain higher proportions of water and fats. Heavier moisturizers contain more fats than water and are unsuitable for acne prone and dry skin. Go for lighter moisturizers whose water level is greater than fats as a daily regime during winter season. They repairs, moistens and make your skin look non greasy.

8. Combine the moisturizer with a good sunscreen

A sunscreen is not only important dry the sunny weather. During winter, a good sunscreen protects your skin against harsh winds and snow that dries the skin. A light moisturizing lotion combined with a good sunscreen meets your daily moisturizing needs during winter. Ensure these products contain AHA a component responsible for combating fine lines and treating acne.


Moisturizing an acne prone and dry skin during winter is a necessary evil. When moisture is locked into the skins’ pores, it unclogs the oils. Choosing a suitable moisturizer for such a skin can be tricky and tough to most women. Caution should be taken against using the same lotion used in the entire body for moisturizing the acne. When choosing an efficient moisturizer, for acne prone and dry skin always ensure it contains such ingredients like mineral oils and petroleum. Ensure the moisturizer does not contain any traces of alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin and hinders production of oils that lubricates the skin. The dry skin accumulates on the skin and eventually clogs the pores making the situation worse.

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