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Expert Tips To Creating An Excellent Dating App

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Ever since dating apps such as tinder, Happen, and Bumble have started rewriting history and changed the course of the whole system of online dating, every other entrepreneur and business owner want to create a dating app as the above-mentioned popular dating apps are really making $300 million in a quarter. In spite of such stunning dating apps, there still are people who feel unserved. So you can always have a chance to create a dating application that ultimately becomes the preferred one.

Now let’s take a look at the four expert tips to creating an impeccable dating app

Get your basics right

Dating app market is often considered as a broad niche, unlike any other industry. So you first need to define who your target market is. With every passing day, there will be baby boomers who install dating applications in the hope of finding the right partner whether it is long term or short term. Most of the people who use dating apps age between 25 to 34. Also, there will be senior citizens who use dating apps to find older singles to spend the rest of the life. Now the point here is, regardless of age and profession, there will be people who turn to dating apps to find their partners.

Not just age, but location also does matter. According to a report that was released in 2016,   by a dating app, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London were the top active cities in to use a dating application.

You might be thinking that you can serve people of all ages and location, but actually going niche will certainly improve your odds of becoming a success. In fact, even the most successful dating application, Tinder, has initially started its journey by offering its services exclusively for college students. Also, the bigger your target audience, the harder it will be for you to engage your users. There are a lot of dating applications in the market that exclusively serve to religious minorities, gay people, and other niches. If you do a proper market research on this particular aspect then you will definitely find your place in the industry.

Meet your audiences’ expectations

Other than the perfect matching algorithms, there are another two elements that your target audience expects from you and from your dating app:

Safety and security

It is, of course, your responsibility to keep your users safe and secure because over the past 6 years there are too many numbers of cases who reported being raped by the person who they met on a dating app or website. Whether it is a minor girl or middle-aged woman, there are too many people who said they have been abused while on a date. That is why you need to vet your user’s profiles thoroughly to make sure that there are no abusers in your dating app members.

Seamless online dating experience

The easier and effortless it gets, the more will people like your app. Features like Tinder swipes indeed make your dating app fun and enjoyable for your users. Right from your app design/UX to every feature you include in your app, make it easy for your users to find and also should be self-instructive. Build an amusing and informative questionnaire that allows your users to build their profiles. Also, ask your users to put their real names on their profiles Instead of “Bunny 912.”

Make a plan how your product features work

Actually, there are three kinds of dating applications:

— Dating apps that exactly work and have the functionalities just like brick and mortar dating websites

— Dating apps that are based on the geo location information

— Dating apps that work based on matching algorithms

Not just one or two of the above, but, successful dating app should actually have all of the above features. However, according to a dating app expert, the below are the basic features that should be incorporated into a dating application:

— Registration and authorization

The users should be able to log in or sign up using social media networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

— Member profile

Encourage users to provide as much as right information as possible to enhance the in-app search and the matching algorithms to work properly.

— Geo-location

Your Geo location feature should work as it supposed to because, at the end, it is all about meeting the right people in real life.

— Matching algorithm

Provide your users an informative questionnaire or AI -based that provides plenty of useful and helpful information and thus helps to automate partner selection process.

— Live Chat

Let your users chat and make voice and video calls with the person they like to go on a date.

— Social media features

Include comments, likes, and other social media networking features.

— Push notification

Alert your users whenever the search matching algorithm finds the right partner or even when they get a text.

Choose a perfect app strategy

You might be thinking that membership fee and other ad banners actually would work. But unfortunately, they do not work that effectively. Even the most popular and preferred dating app like Tinder, despite having millions of users across the globe, is facing complex issues when trying to get paid members and the reason for this is because users feel that the services are not worth paying for. So unless you dating app has something extra to offer your users, they will not pay a single penny for the services. However, premium is always considered to be a better option for most of the dating apps. But make sure the features you are charging from your users should indeed deliver real value to your app members.

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