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Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Drilling Machine With A Proper Maintenance

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A drilling machine is one of the most widely used powerful tools in factories and warehouse. But to perform drilling with a high level of efficiency, you need to ensure that your device remains in the perfect working condition. Here are some tips which you should follow in order to keep it in the perfect shape: –

Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Drilling Machine With A Proper Maintenance

Apply Oil

The use of machine oil can to a great extent help in enhancing the moving parts of your drill. But while applying, you will need to apply a drop or two at the most into those parts to ensure that they are not over lubricated. Applying excess oil will help the drill’s motor since it will cause the gears to slip.

Clean the Drill on a Regular Basis

Over a period of time, dust might collect in the moving parts of your drilling machine. In case you find that the moving parts of the drill are not working effectively, or the drill gets overheated then you can apply aerosol cleanser which is meant for use on electrical components. Aerosol cleanser will also be effective in removing the dust sticking to the moving components of the drill. The use of compressed air will clear the dust. But if there are oil residues, then using acetone-based aerosol will be more effective. The latter will cut through the dust which has gummed up over the moving parts. Make it a point to apply a machine oil lubricant once you are done with the cleanup process.

Keep the Drill in a Dry Place

Even if you are using sturdy tools with high durability such as Bosch power tools, you will need to keep them away from water. The main reason for doing so is because water may cause rusting in your drill’s chucks and inner portions including the motor. So, to ensure that your drill stands up to the test of time, you will need to store the drills in a shelf or workbench which is not exposed to any type of moisture.

Make use of Bits Which are Sharper

Sharp drill bits can go through surfaces more quickly and make drilling easier. It will also minimize the strain on your drill as well.

Let the Drill Cool Down When it is Heated

Many drill models come with an enclose case. But special care needs to be taken so as to ensure that the ventilation slots do not get clogged. Use a shot of condensed air to keep these free of debris and wood chips. Also check the outer casings of the tool for cracks, and the insulation on the power cord for tears.

Avoid Keeping the Drill on the Ground

While working on outdoors projects, make sure that your drill is placed above the ground. This will ensure that dirt and grass clippings do not get within the casting. If there is a possibility of rain or thunderstorm, then you are not likely to have the time to collect all your tools. So, you should use a plastic sheet or tarp is ready for use to cover them.

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