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Effectiveness of Winstrol

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The pharmaceutical name of Winstrol is Stanozolol which is gaining popularity in different bodybuilding and athlete forums for effective contribution to muscle gain and body strength. It is the synthetic form of anabolic steroid and a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Thus apart from improving the muscle strength, it also helps in the overstimulation of testosterone hormone in males who encounter problems related to low sperm motility and production.

Half-life of Winstrol:

Stanozolol is sold under the commercial name of Winstrol Depot with respect to its intramuscular functions. It was developed in 1962 by an American pharmaceutical company known as Winthrop Laboratories and has been legally approved by FDA for safe human use. The half life of Winstrol vary with its different existing forms, likely oral and intramuscular as well as the storage temperature. While safely storing the drug, it should be kept in mind to keep it away from direct sunlight and also cold store it within a temperature range of 68 to 77°F. When injected in the body, the half life is 18-24 hours for Stanozolol Depot and active life span is 36 hours to 84 hours as reported by researchers during studies on the drug. It is even noticed in some studies that the half life of Winstrol keep varying from one person to another. This may be because of the biological composition of the individual and the time exposure to the drug.

Mechanism of action:

Within the half life period of Winstrol, it causes various changes in the body. The first major change being the elevation in the synthesis of RBC (red blood corpuscles) and also simultaneous increase in the BMR (basal metabolic rate) of an individual, causing increased feeling of hunger. These two mechanisms are the keys to the fat lock of your body as the resulting alterations in the bodily secretions helps you to drop stubborn fat easily, without much trouble and prolonged exposure to the drug. The second modification shows how the increased production of red blood corpuscles perform at the cellular level by collecting cellular waste and delivering to the liver, where it is segregated and sorted before excreting out of the body. This alteration helps the body to give its best performance, enough energy storage capacity in the cells through all these modified pathways and enhance their athletic activities in bodybuilders.

Many of us rely on only balanced diet and strenuous physical workouts to get ourselves a lean and slim body, but often have to compromise with the inbuilt muscle unit which gradually gets lost due to excess energy release. With the help of anabolic steroids like Winstrol, there will be no chances of sacrificing your toned muscles in order to lose weight as both the objectives can be passed without much physical hazards. The drug enables the body to bulk up effectively by repairing the damaged cells rather than replacing them with new ones. Efficient use of the supplement, orally or by injection, can help you cut down extra fat layers from your body and retain the muscular build up which is like a boon for bodybuilders. Within the 18-24 hours for Stanozolol Depot exposure, your testosterone level can rise up producing enormous energy for strenuous activities.

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