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Driving And Drinking Law

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Just like one cannot exist in a society without the implementation of laws, cars cannot coexist on the road without the existence of drunken driving laws. There are reasons why a road is divided into two sections. It is allow the drivers ease when on the road. It also ensures the safety and protection of the pedestrians as they make way. With the implementation of proper driving laws several very significant and now mundane things have been achieved, such as:

  1. Stopping at the “Stop” sign for a few seconds has prevented several car accidents.
  1. Slowing down in a school zone ensures the protection of children crossing the road.
  1. Maintaining the speed limit minimizes chances of accidents and cars toppling.

Driving And Drinking Law

Similarly do exist drunken driving laws.

When it comes to driving a vehicle when under the influence of alcohol, several states declare the following is a punishable felony:

  1. Driving while unfit as a result of a drug that is declared illegal by the government
  1. Having consumed drugs past the level that is considered acceptable according to the law. This means that the content of alcohol is high in your blood stream.

The case is different when it comes to legal drugs as they are often prescribed and do not have the same impact on human reflexes. If the traffic police gets the impression that the driver has been under some sort of an influence, they can immediately stop the vehicle and run a few tests to prove their suspicion. These tests include:

  1. Walking on a straight line. If you are incapable of doing it, it proves you are under influence.
  1. They also carry fancy kits that help them detect the presence of cocaine in the stream.
  1. They see if your eyes are too glassy.
  1. They check the blood levels to see if the person is under influence or not.

If their suspicion is proven they can immediately jail the person of interest. They further collect blood and urine samples to prove their reason in court, if needed. You could be charged with a serious felony if the test proves that you were under the influence of drugs when maneuvering the vehicle.

The only way you can drive while on drugs is if they have been prescribed to you by a medical professional and do not necessarily or directly influence your reflexes and driving skills. You can drive under influence only if you are under the influence of certain drugs, this is only if:

  • You have been prescribed the drug and are consuming them according to the direction given to you by the medical expert.
  • They are not, in any way influencing the way you which handle a vehicle on the road.

Consequences for Drug Driving

If in case you have been arrested under the conviction of drug driving, these are possible consequences:

  1. You won’t be allowed to drive for at least a year.
  1. You might be required to pay a heavy fine.
  1. You might be jailed for a minimum of six months.
  1. The arrest will automatically be filed into your criminal record
  1. Your driving license will be taken away and it will declare that you were evicted due to drug driving for at least a decade.
  1. The authorities might also increase your car insurance if they feel the need to.

Hence, there are several drunken driving laws one should know of before stepping out under alcoholic influence.

This article is written by Sam Smith. He refers to the website to help people understand how drunk driving can impact people and the public.

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