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Do You Need Outdoors Worktops This Summer? Read this!

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Whether you are looking to renovate the design, combine a new style in your home or intend to create a landscape, Dekton surface is the new trendsetter this summer.

Dekton worktops offer a lot of charm and beauty to the outside ambience whether it’s a barbecue space, a cosy corner to spend a lovely time with family or a business domain. However, to find a balance between architecture and modernity, you need to take some details into consideration when choosing the best worktop option according to your personal needs.

Furniture and other objects used externally are subjected to more exposure to the natural elements in all seasons of the year such as rain, humidity & hot and cold temperatures.

Thanks to technology, today, it’s possible to create a sophisticated external design with highest surface products. The market offers a wide range of products, and one of the best options for worktops, in general, is the Dekton surface which among other benefits, and allows bringing the garden into your home and/or office space.

Do You Need Outdoors Worktops This Summer? Read this!

It’s acknowledged that to achieve a perfect harmony between the external environment and arrangements is the originality of the components what counts. Remember, to have long-lasting materials; it’s highly recommended to acquire surfaces which provide protection against UV rays.

Dekton is a revolutionary product that brings all the features of natural stone through a new technological procedure that uses an ultra-compact formula of the raw elements which confirm its mineral make-up which implies synthesising the particles creating ultrathin slabs that surpass the performance of those made out of traditional quartz stones.

Let us now talk about Dekton.

Why choose Dekton?

The product shows the creative and revolutionary capacity that the human mind which technology proposes; bringing the latest generation of man-made surfaces. The advantages surpass the expectations of the consumers from price and quality in buying to other commonly known products including, resistance, durability, aesthetics, appliance, diversity and a lot more.

Here are other fantastic suggestions for your design:


Forget all you know about natural stone and be delighted by Neolith porcelain. This marvellous product is also suitable for internal and external applications, especially worktops, cladding and floorings.

With a clear appearance and sophisticated veins, Neolith is super clean, waterproof and resistant to extreme weather and temperatures. If you want to become eco-friendly and have a 100% natural product in any space which protects your family and friends from bacterial proliferation, then, Neolith must be on your list.


Aside from the Neolith and Dekton, Ceralsio porcelain also beats the commonly found natural stones such as marble, granite and man-made surfaces such as quartz stones.

The Ceralsio range by CRL Stone was launched in 2016 with 26 new and distinctive colours including Slate, Ocean Stone, Rio Marron and Calacatta Marron among other stunning materials inspired in nature and organic ambiences.

 It has an excellent performance and aesthetics. Its durability stands apart and is also available in a wide array of colours, thicknesses and finishes. It shines under the daylight and it requires very little maintenance. Ceralsio porcelain is the absolute surface that changes drastically not only on worktops but also, when applied on walls, flooring, façade and other applications such as staircases, external steps and fireplace surrounds.

Ceralsio is a newcomer to the market and it is backed by the trusted CRL Stone which is part of CRL Laurence, one of the worldwide leaders in stone tools and stone applications.

The above image shows Ceralsio Calacatta Gris porcelain Kitchen Island with a mitred downstand

Quality is everything, that’s why you should consider Dekton surfaces and other new materials such as Neolith and Ceralsio as these can be used indoors and outdoors, and are protected from UV rays. These are new alternatives which you can find at MKW Surfaces , a reliable stone source delivering excellence both in terms of service and products they offer. Go for Dekton this summer and allow yourself to be enchanted by all the benefits that this eternal product brings.

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