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Do You Know About Fulvic Acid, The Gift Of God?

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For all humans, God has given a wonderful gift in the form of fulvic acid, which can give us more energy, strength, improved mental abilities, increased endurance, balance of electrolytes etc. One can also feel much better and stronger after taking this wonderful drink. If this acid is sprayed on burn injury then it can heal the injury faster and also reduce pain. One can also get relief from muscular pain, relief from burning sensation in the eyes if taken as eye drops.

Do You Know About Fulvic Acid, The Gift Of God?

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic Acid in fact originated in nature, specifically from Leonardite shale ore, which has been ground and run in the water and in this way, it separates the fulvic acid from humic. Fulvic acids are low in molecular weight and also biologically more active. Also by micro-organisms in the soil, organic form of fulvic acids can also be created, so that it can transport fulvic minerals and nutrients from the natural soil into the plant.

Components of various parts of the plant are produced after complex photosynthesis reactions. Muco-polysacharrides, which is a kind of complex carbohydrate sugars that flow throughout the plant for nourishment. Some of them are also fed back to the roots. There, the micro-organisms are further nourished, which produce fulvic acid, complex nutrients and minerals to restart the cycle again.

How it is consumed?

Fulvic acid can be obtained either in the form of capsule or liquid. People who are of normal health and maintain it are recommended to take 1 to 2 ounces per day, which is also known as maintenance dose. For some people this dose may appear to be too strong and for them following titration instruction is given.

Start with quarter ounce a day then slowly increase it to maintenance dose i.e. one ounce twice a day. Since felvic acids are strong detoxifier and therefore by starting with lower dose, you can reduce this detoxification effects. Due to its detoxification effects one may get constipation, diarrhea, headache and nausea etc. that may last for few days.

Capsule of fulvic acid is available which in the form of 500 mg per capsule. One can take 1 to 2 capsules every day once in morning and next during evening. In order to absorb it properly the capsule may be taken with tea, juice or anything that can easily absorb in your system.

You should avoid taking along with any kind of pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals like chlorine. Also avoid taking with any fast food or food additives. Preferably take it in empty stomach so that all toxins present in your body may come out.

Beware about false Products

There are many fraudulent companies also market the product with the name of Fulvic acid and you must be beware about them. Many of them are highly contaminated with different heavy metals, high carbons or chlorine induced carcinogens. Some of them may be too diluted form of fulvic acid, which may not at all be effective at all.

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