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Decide Your Budget For Telephone Systems Installation In Your Official Setup

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While managing a bigger firm one needs to transfer information from desk to desk, which allows good organized work. Among emails, chat rooms, etc. telephones still seem to be the most popularly used networking and communicating system. This is due to its durability and its use for decades. Even with availability of internet it has been able to maintain its status.

Nowadays, people use the VoIP’s over the digital and analog telephones as they have more to offer as compared to digital phones. This still largely depends upon the type of work your company would operate with and also upon the level at which your setup has to operate, in other words, your needs will make the best decision for the type of telephone system your setup will require.

The Telephone System Largely is of Two Types

  • Analog system
  • VoIP system

Both of these systems are interconnected through phone lines. In analog system the phone lines are connected over binary signaling, therefore increasing a cost to minimum level. Whereas, in VoIP system the phone lines are connected via branch exchange systems and also via a feasible adaptor that converts the signals into analog and binary signals reducing the cost even more.

The branch exchange system used mostly is PBX system, which operates largely through the most used IP network is internet. This cuts down the cost effectively and hence, the IP-PBX systems are used more commonly. The VoIP’s come in a handset and cordless connection with the adaptor, which costs not more than a regular phone system.

This largely depends upon the type of interface preferred that lets the user choose an appropriate telephone system.


The Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) connects the same telephone lines between the delivering phone services. They just cost $25 per line and added the cost for total system would be just more by $60.

Since, the whole system uses internet as the user interface therefore the cost is reduced by at least 25% of what the other systems have to offer. Also, you will be provided with a phone at every counter and internet at every working desk. This gives your system a total boost and will also provide a great working interface for your office.

How do you choose between different Systems?

When you are planning to install a telephone system for a small office, using POTS phone lines with a phone system will be the best offered solution. For such seven pbx phone system cost  $700 for a unit (consisting of a base unit and cordless or telephone systems) and added $100 for POTS phone lines per month.

On the other hand if you are a bigger firm then what you require is a digital line for each line and a PBX system, which costs around $270 for each month for six such lines.

Look into your requirements and budget to select the best suitable telephone system for your organization.

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