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David Birnbaum Solved The Mystery by Cracking The Cosmic Code

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In the year of 2012, some well known philosophers of British and American universities received an unmarked package via post. The parcel contained a book, written in English with a Latin name Summa Metaphysica. It was written by an unknown author named David Birnbaum. This incident was the beginning of a new era, which has given birth of a lot more awe inspiring questions along with some answers too.

David Birnbaum Solved The Mystery by Cracking The Cosmic Code

The author of the above mentioned book has claimed to crack some fundamental problems in philosophy, physics and theology.

Summa Metaphysica Theory:- 

A contemporary 21st century scholar, David Birnbaun has proposed a new theory about the driving force of this universe. According to the talented metaphysicist, there is an overarching natural cosmic dynamic, which is absolutely eternal. This very eternal force is responsible for igniting the universe. In other words, the existence of such force might give all the unknown answers of metaphysics so far. Birnbaun believes that both philosophy and the possibility of the infinite divine are very much real and alive.

In his famous book, the author proceeds by presenting his conception about the missing key to understand the cosmic code. In order to elaborate the whole idea, the author states that, the Quest for Potential is the eternal cosmic dynamic. This theory unveiled the existence of a protagonist to the cosmic order. But here, the protagonist is a ‘quest’ instead of being a ‘classic entity’. Although physics-math is the essential tool for mastering the cosmic dynamic, but it is not the underlying theory of the whole creation. David Birnbaun Cracks the Cosmic Code by his own theory of the existence of this universe and its controlling forces.

Stephen Hawking’s Theory:-

Stephen Hawking, one of the most prominent physicist and cosmetologist of 21st century has a different point of view about the cosmic code. To this physicist, the universe does not require any God to control all the functions. So, it would be much easier for us to assume that God is not there. According to Hawking, physics-maths-biology- chemistry hold every single answer of this universe. In other words, the key to understand the universe lies in learning the hard science.

According to professor Hawking, a million years ago human beings used to lead the life of an animal. Then something happened which ignited the imagination power of the mankind and they learnt the art of talking-listening.

Birnbaun’s Thinking:-

Birnbaun remains amused with the theory of Stephen Hawking as it does not fill the fundamental gaps of cosmic theory. Metaphysics and cosmetology always seek answers to the ultimate questions of existence. David Birnbaun Cracks the Cosmic Code by convincing the world that an amateur gentleman can make a contribution in understanding the unknown mysteries of the universe.

The book written by David Birnbaun, Summa Metaphysica probably sprang from the theory of the insistence that the world should be figurable-out. The author also states that, while discussing the infinite quest for potential some crucial gaps in 20th century physics and philosophy cannot be denied. According to the great scholar Birnbaun, the existence of some divine spark to lead the universe is absolutely true.

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