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Daily Pain Management

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Broadly speaking, there are two categories of pain: Acute and chronic. Despite its name, acute pain is not the least bit adorable. It is, however, typically preferable to chronic pain because it’s short-term pain from a specific disease or injury. Let’s say you’re handing a stack of papers to a coworker when you get a paper cut. It’s a sharp jolt to your body’s system, and there’s going to be blood and some general unpleasantness, but the pain won’t last long, especially if you put a Bandaid and some ointment on it. In a day or two, you’ll barely remember it happened. Chronic pain, however, lasts for a period of months or years rather than days. Doctors define it as pain that lasts at least three months. It can be consistent, or it can come and go. Someone with chronic pain has to approach it differently than someone with short-term pain.

Finding solutions

There are a variety of painkillers on the market. Some require a prescription; others are available over-the-counter at your favorite drugstore, regardless of if that drugstore is down the corner or exists online when you open a browser window and type in a specific URL. Each option comes with its own list of upsides and downsides. The downsides for opioid painkillers are quite significant, even though it’s arguably taken America way too long to figure that out. In recent years, doctors have finally gotten to the point where they are issuing fewer prescriptions for opioids such as hydrocodone. When patients do get such prescriptions, they may be scared to take them for fear of becoming addicted. It may be tough to find a proper balance between overprescribing and undertreating patients, but at least we’re giving it an honest effort these days. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better to be aware of the problem than to deny that it exists at all.

Some patients can get buy with taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen regularly, but the side effects for those drugs aren’t always pleasant. Most of us have a bottle of Advil or Tylenol in our medicine cabinet, but we also know the former can lead to liver damage if we take too much of it for too long. That leads some people to decide the best approach is a natural approach.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies make up an ever-growing portion of the market. The effectiveness can vary, but many people who go natural are thrilled with the results. When dealing with pain that won’t quit, it’s worth at least exploring options like curamin. It can help with things like headache and join and muscle pain, and it may also help you sleep at night, especially if you buy the version that contains melatonin. Over-the-counter painkillers can actually cause something known as rebound headaches if you use them too often. It’s a particularly frustrating side effect for people who just want relief. Switching to a natural remedy can get you the help you need without worrying about unintended consequences.

Do your own research when deciding what works best for you. It may take a few attempts before something really sticks.  Make sure to stay in regular contact with medical professionals along the way. They may have a perfect solution that you would never think of on your own. No, it’s not fair that you have to suffer from chronic pain, but you’re by no means helpless. If it’s affecting your work, see if you can work from home occasionally. If you have trouble keeping up with school, look for innovative academic programs that provide you with more flexibility. It takes some creativity and a bit of luck, but it is possible to manage your pain without losing your sanity.

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