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Coorg – Of Waterfalls, Trekking and Beautiful Resorts

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It can be said with conviction that, once you visit a place of beauty like Coorg, all your worries will be put to rest for a good while. Time stands still in the unadulterated landscapes and quaint villages of Coorg. The small hill station attracts huge number of tourists all year round who are left breathless and fascinated by the magnificent view Coorg offers. The picturesque town with lush greeneries and rich plantations of coffee and spices like cardamom has the river river Kaveri as the main river.

The hill station of Coorg is surrounded by lust greeneries and waterfalls all around which makes for a perfect weekend getaway and a one on one with nature.  Coorg packages are also very popular among the honeymooners in India not only because of its picturesque landscape but because the hill station has some of the best and resorts and accommodations. Best not necessarily in the form of extravagance but the unique experience it delivers. These resorts with huge open spaces, mostly made of wood while some with bricks, not more than a storey high and some with thatched rooftops makes for a perfect matchless stay. The people who plan on visiting Coorg mainly look forward to this experience of everything else.

Coorg - Of Waterfalls, Trekking and Beautiful Resorts

Coorg has beauty spread all across the hill station and the waterfalls are some of the most beautiful you will get to see anywhere in India. The standout amongst them all in terms of beauty is the Abbey Falls. Placed near a coffee plantation, it is in this waterfall that the river Kaveri falls down and hits the rock bottom making up a beautiful mesmerizing sight. The best time to witness the waterfall in its full glory is during the months of November and December when the monsoon season gets over and the rains have filled up the river to all its glory.

Another popular waterfall in Coorg is the Iruppu waterfall. This waterfall originates from river Lakshmana Tirtha and the whole setting of the waterfall you see from the top to the bottom of the waterfall is simply beautiful. Little touches of green ferns here and there and some lush green trees and the grand waterfall flowing in the middle from sixty feet high is a sight of pure beauty.

If you fancy some adventure and like to get your hands dirty, then head over to the Brahmagiri Peak. The scenic spot and a very popular trekking place. As you trek your way up, you will pass fields, colourful flowers and plants and streams of fresh clear water. You can carry eatable in your backpack or carry a lunchbox with sandwiches and have a small picnic uphill and admire the whole view with some beers, sandwiches and photo sessions. Coorg also has a  wildlife sanctuary which plays home to various fauna like spotted deer, nilgiri langur, lion tailed macaque, giant flying squirrel etc. This sanctuary is the reason why apart from weekend getaway and honeymoon packages, the wildlife tour packages also mostly include Coorg in the list of places to go the tour includes.

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