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Freelance Writing Jobs are one of the most challenging jobs because there are a lot of risks involved while writing as Freelancer.

Most important concern while freelancing is “Payment”. Freelancers invest a lot of time and effort while completing jobs assigned to them but it can be so unnerving when the client denies to pay the amount to which they agreed upon. Amount for the job gets blocked by Contentmart once a job is awarded to the writer. Every writer is insured with a guarantee of complete payment on all the accepted jobs.

Online Writing Jobs are difficult to get but it has been made easy for freelancer. All the writers stand equal chance of getting a job on this portal. Every writer can Bid on an Order with their desired offer. Contentmart is a platform where writers can get a continuous string of Freelance Writing Jobs.There is a possibility of getting cheated while freelancing on your own and you may be charged with commissions for the jobs offered by third party. Contentmart provides you a Free Registration to get started and there won’t be any commissions (Zero Commission) for the jobs offered to you.

“Bidding” is one of the unique features on Contentmart. When you try to find Copywriting jobs on your own, you don’t get enough options regarding payment. Mostly, you would have to accept the payment offered by the client. However, Contentmart allows you to decide your charge because you know what to charge for the efforts required for completing a particular job.Writers can choose the charges per order/word and a deadline on which they can comply.


You are going to get“Ratings and Testimonials” on the jobs completed here. These Ratings and Testimonials along with the number of orders completed will get you recognition from the clients. These Ratings and Testimonials are going to help you bag more number of jobs. You won’t remain invisible like other Freelancers. Recognition is one of the most important things in Online Writing Jobs.

On Contentmart, you can create your own “Portfolio” to show your potential and creativity to the clients. A Portfolio will help clients to decide why you stand different than others and deduce that you are the correct person for the job. You can keep a log of your best writings in the Portfolio to impress the Clients.

Why take risks of Freelancing on your own with your guards down when you can do better job with Contentmart? Go ahead and Register your new innings as a Freelance Writer on Contentmart to start bidding and earning right away.

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