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Common Freightliner Accessories

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When you’re a truck driver, your freightliner is your livelihood and you may spend more time driving it than you spend at home. It is important that you are performing proper maintenance on your truck, and that includes equipping it with the best accessories as well as being sure to repair or replace parts when needed, before it becomes a problem. Here are some common freightliner parts and freightliner accessories you may be looking for.

Common Freightliner Accessories


One handy accessory you may want to put in your truck is electronic gauges. These accessories can serve as clocks, tell you the inside and outside air temperature, measure loan pressure, check your oil pressure and much more. You can get gauges to tell you just about anything about your truck at that moment, and they can come with mounting brackets to easily arrange them where you can see them all. It is important for safety purposes to know everything going on with your truck at all times so that you can pull over as soon as possible in the case of a sudden emergency.

For a truck driver, having access to all of your gauges on your dash is very important so that you can keep an eye on everything with ease and without spending too much time taking your eyes off of the road. Setting up your dash effectively can take a lot of equipment. Some places that sell freightliner accessories will sell dash kits that have much of what you need, including gauge covers, some gauges and more.

Custom Parts

Like in a regular car, you may also want to outfit your truck with steering wheel covers, seat covers and floor mats that are custom and show off who you are. Nearly any place that sells other accessories for your truck will also sell these.

Exterior Parts

There are many exterior accessories that are also important to maintain on your truck. This includes exhaust kits, grill guards, sun visons, bug shields, mirrors and more. Many of these exterior parts serve important roles in keeping your driving experience safe during all times of day as well as in all weather conditions. Your truck is hard to stop quickly in the case of an emergency, so the best way to keep your driving safe is to employ these important parts to make it easier for you to see and function. Make sure that you are properly maintaining these parts so that they don’t fail when you need them the most.

Safety and Security Features

Security accessories are also important to your freightliner. Common parts for safety and protection are locking gas caps with anti-siphon features, security locks and tire chains and cables. All of these features will help prevent vandalism and theft of your vehicle.

When your truck is your entire livelihood, it is important to take good care of it so that you and your mode of transportation are both safe as well as able to keep the safety of others in mind while on the road. Be sure to find a quality supplier of freightliner accessories before you experience a problem so that you are prepared.

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