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Cleaning Window Panes Without Being Affected With Streaks

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A neat and tidy house or office is liked and appreciated by all. Dust and other such substances usually result in damaging the looks and condition of various items including the windows. The glass panes become shabby due to dust that gets accumulated and need to be cleaned in perfect manners. Doing so sometimes results in streaks on the window panes that gives bad looks.

Cleaning Window Panes Without Being Affected With Streaks

Those intending to prevent streaks by cleaning the windows may follow the under mentioned simple tips:

  • Use distilled water – The ordinary hard water may harm the window panes. It is wise to use distilled water that is free from the chemicals or minerals that usually exist in the ordinary tap water. Distilled water will not lead to any streaks on the glass panes of your windows.
  • Make use of vinegar – This all-purpose product is quite cheaper. It can do wonders for maintaining the window panes and keeping them free from dust and other damaging particles. Accumulation of dirt on the glass panes of the windows can be got rid of in reliable manners by using vinegar. Make a fine solution by mixing vinegar into water in equal proportions. Just spray it on the window panes and clean the same with soft duster or cotton cloth. Services of window cleaners Surrey could also be hired.
  • Do not use hard soaps or detergents – Many people make use of hard soaps and detergents by mixing them into water. Such solutions may do more harm than making any improvements as regards window pane cleaning. Contents of chemicals and other harmful elements in soaps and detergents may results in harm to the glass panes.
  • Avoid paper towels – Many people make use of paper towels to clean their window panes. It is just wastage of time and energy. These towels often result in streaks that too the linty ones. It is advised to use a microfiber cloth. A squeezer could also be a good option. A handful of old newspapers could also serve the purpose. It is better to wear gloves while using the newspapers for cleaning purposes. Safety of our hands should be our priority. As such use of gloves for cleaning window panes can prevent any harm to our hands and fingers.
  • Buffing up – Though you make extra efforts to clean the window panes in the above manners, yet chances of few streaks do arise. It is recommended to use microfiber cloth or a chamois to remove them. Regular dry rags may also be good. The entire cleaning operation can be put to an end with a quick buffing.
  • Finishing touches – Give finishing touches to your cleaning operation as regards window panes. Make use of soft clothes to get rid of the little amount of dust particles that may be left on the panes after cleaning them.

It is recommended to follow the above simple tips when you are in the process of cleaning your windows and want no streaks on the panes. You can hire window cleaners Surrey if the task involves huge amount of cleaning work.

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