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Canada Express Entry – Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The CRS System

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In the recent past, Canada is one of such countries where people from different countries want to immigrate. The reason behind the same is nothing but Canada’s work exposure and it natural beauty. One can well spend his whole life working independently there without any sort of hassles. However getting a Visa to work there is not that easy. That is the reason why in 2015, the Government if Canada have initiated a new immigration plan called Canada Express Entry and with the help of the same, one can apply for a permanent residency in Canada. If you are one of them who is looking to immigrate to Canada then below is everything you need to know about.

This immigration system is nothing but a computerised ranking system based on the proficiency and some other factors of any applicant. Every year the government creates a pool and from there a selected number of applicants are selected for further procedures. The candidates with higher ranks are then invited to apply for a permanent residency through ITA ie, invitation to apply. Now, the main thing to focus is the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking system. The CRS depends on almost everything of an applicant. That is to say, from his/her age to her working skills, everything goes through a scrutiny. Here is the list of all the factors on which your CRS will be calculated against.

Canada Express Entry - Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The CRS System

Comprehensive Ranking System Factors

Soon after the Canadian Government passed this CRS system, there are a lot of applicants who often get confused about factors which influence the score in Comprehensive Ranking System. Thus here is the list of all the factors which can help you to rank higher in CRS pool.

  • Age: This is one of the most common factors which influence your score in CRS. This is one of those factors where one can really score well. The reason behind the same is most of the Canada Express Entry Visa applicants apply for PI after their Bachelors and or the Higher studies. An applicant aged anywhere around twenty (20) to Twenty Nine (29) can well score a full of 100 points.
  • Education: Education is just another factor like age which can influence one’s score in CRS.  One can get zero (0) with no qualification or anything less than a high school. However the score can climb till 140 with a Ph. D.  Thus more educated you are the more chance you have got to clear the Canada Express Visa.
  • Languages: The scoring system in CRS is a bit complex but one can well score in this section too. The best way to score well in this section is too know English and French. The scoring in this section depends on Canadian Language Benchmark, commonly known as CLB. More the CLM greater the points.
  • Work Experience: This is yet another important factor on which your CRS score can vary. This section carries 10 points and can only be obtained with a experience of 5 years or more working experience. Once can get a zero with less than 1 year of working experience that goes up systematically up to 10 with more experience

Thus if you are one of them who is looking to apply for a Canadian Visa then mind these factors as these are the things which can help you to score more ion CRS and eventually once can clear a Canada Express Entry Visa.

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