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Call Centre Outsourcing

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Call Centre Outsourcing

Effective communication is at the foundation of every successful business.  Without it, even the most ideal product or service will flounder.  Although technology and media have fostered increases in globalization, communication still represents the greatest barrier to human interaction.

The majority of mainstream business culture is dominated by the English language.  U.K. understanding of most concepts is predicated by sound communication of the idea in English.  Businesses thrive on communicating effectively particularly to their customers.  The bridge of communication between business and customer is all about execution.  In the following brief, please explore why:

  • First-call resolution is a key factor in improving business and customer satisfaction
  • True cost involved in offshore call centres result in higher expenditures for U.K. based businesses
  • Complexity of calls are less successful when handled by offshore call centres
  • Outbound calling conversion rates are more effective in the U.K.


Customer satisfaction is directly related to first impressions.  Consequently, when customers devote time to seek additional information, voice a complaint or inquire about a problem with a product or service, resolving the issue during the first call is vital to solidifying your business’s image.  A survey by the Contact Centre Satisfaction Index showed that call centres outside the U.K. were consistently not as effective as U.K. based call centres.  American customers that were engaged by foreign call centres spoke to more than one representatives and had less inquiry resolution.  Furthermore, the greatest disparity was the first call resolution.

Time is another facet that deserves one’s consideration.  Modern society leans towards the concept that faster is better.  People want problems resolved in a time efficient manner and time consuming matters are generally regarded in an overall negative light.  When customers call about a service or product, the longer it takes to get the information or help they desire the more likely they are to view a company negatively.   In the competitive world of business, every customer makes a difference.  Indeed, time is money.

Past trends showed that companies usually contracted with call centres to save money.  Offshore call centres presented incredibly low fees for handling customer contact solutions.  Executives viewed this as a way to reduce staff, managerial overhead, and improve balance sheet valuations.  The trade-off of service quality for potential savings was viewed as acceptable.  However, studies have proved that this approach lacks insight and results in an increase in business expenditures.

The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ is precisely true when applied to your choice of call centre service.  Honestly, U.K. call centre service is usually more expensive than foreign competitors.  Nevertheless, the value that is received from fewer cultural gaffes, exceptional brand representation, and complex call resolution make U.K. based call centres a superior choice for most businesses.  The following explores the value receive from these facets and how each links to an organizational strategy.

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