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Buying A Kitchen On A Budget

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The kitchen can be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to refurbish, thanks to all the costly appliances and need for worktops and storage space. However, with some careful planning and creative thinking, you can get great results on a shoestring budget. Here are some tips.

First of all, consider buying a second hand kitchen, or an ex-display model. Many are presented in beautiful condition and come with attractive price tags too. Start your search by taking a few measurements in your kitchen so that you can work out what models will fit, and how the overall look will turn out. Then, take a look online to see which styles appeal to you. If you like a second-hand kitchen, but would like to add your own touches to it, consider replacing smaller details, such as door handles, wall tiles or countertops. Get inspiration by flicking through home interest magazines or by making a mental note of what you like (and dislike) about the kitchens of your families and friends.

Buying A Kitchen On A BudgetBuying A Kitchen On A Budget

Next, look at the smaller details. Take your time, if you can, to search out exactly what you want; Charity shops, reclamation yards or flea markets often have unique, vintage pieces that will look perfect in your kitchen. Lower cost items, such as new tea towels, utensils pots and blinds can also give the room a lift. Choose an existing item or piece of furniture in your kitchen and make it the focus of the room. Look for second-hand artefacts and utensils that match its colour or style for a cohesive, co-ordinated look. Fresh flowers and fruit always add interest to a room for very little money – check out your local junk shops for interesting vases, bowls and containers, such as ceramics and wicker baskets.

You could try to recoup some of the money spent on refurbishing your kitchen by selling elements of your old one. You might be able to sell the whole kitchen on a second-hand basis, or break it into components to sell separately. Call in an expert to value anything worth decent money or that could be antique. You could put any money it makes at auction or online towards your new kitchen, should you choose to sell.

Other ways to save money on your new kitchen is to see if you can take advantages of any freebies or discounts. Ask at your local DIY store if they have any paint going begging, or check out wood offcuts to see if they can be made into shelving or counter tops. Turn unwanted cupboards and bookcases into food storage solutions. There are plenty of online tutorials to show you how to upcycle them into something that is both practical and beautiful. Frame children’s paintings for unique wall hangings and to add a lovely family feel.

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