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Boost your mental level with your daily diet

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The weight of an average brain is only three pounds, but it is one of the most essential parts of the human body. If the development of the brain is not adequate then the person might have problem in understanding simple things. Although the development of the brain is quite a natural process and is affected by the surroundings as well but still you can boost up the functioning of the brain by intake of the right brainpower boosters. There are two types of brain boosters that you can opt for namely natural brain boosters and synthetic brain boosters. Synthetic boosters can show up some of the side effects, but the natural ones are absolutely safe and effective.


Foods items to increase the functioning of your brain

There are various eatables, intake of which helps you to enhance the functioning of your brain as well as to increase your memory power. The best part of opting for natural brain boosters is that you get a delicious taste and variety in day to day meals and you are not suppose to make extra expenditure on purchase of supplements. Few of the foods which help to serve as the brain boosters are listed below –

Fishes – human body cannot make essential fatty acids, thus you need to consume them in your diet as they are quite essential for development. Omega-3, a fatty acid is abundantly present in the fish, thus consumption of fish is a great source for intake of the fatty acid. Remember that omega – 3 helps in improving your memory as well as learning power. In addition it also helps in balancing your mood swings, depression etc.

Whole grain – brain needs energy for proper functioning. Focus and concentration comes with steady and adequate energy supply. The energy is supplied to the brain in the form of glucose. Thus, you must intake the whole grains which have low GI as they slowly release the glucose in blood stream. Thus, you can stay mentally alert all round the clock. You can opt for Granary bread, brown cereals, brown pasta, wheat bran etc.

Walnuts – regular intake of walnuts can do wonders as it contains various neuro ­– protective compounds such as folate, antioxidants,  vitamin E, omega-3 fats,  melatonin etc. All these compounds help in enhancing the health of your brain. In adults it increases the inferential reasoning.

Pumpkin seed – the seeds of pumpkin are a good source of the zinc, and their regular intake can help you to enhance your thinking skills and the memory level.

In addition to the foods listed above, there are various other foods that can help in your mental growth such as Blue berries, tomatoes etc. In addition to the foods, there are various other natural supplements which help in boosting up the power of your brain. For example, various herbs, essential oils etc. Some of the natural herbs include Vacha, Gotu kola, Tulsi etc. Remember the smell of some essential oils such as rose merry, peppermint and basil help to improve your concentration level and mental clarity.


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