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Beyond Moving Boxes: What To Use To Pack For A Move

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Moving boxes get the job done. Especially when you need to acquire scores of them for your next move. Such boxes can hold just about everything, are easy to pack, and a snap to move.

However, moving boxes aren’t the only containers you can use for packing. Indeed, you probably already have a variety of containers in and around your house that can be repurposed for your move. Here’s what they are and how to use them.

Suitcases — Do you really need some ideas on how best to use suitcases? Very well then — for packing. Moving means you’re relocating and if your relocation takes you far from your current home, then you’ll need to pack suitcases to have enough clothes on hand en route as well as when you arrive at your location. As for your leftover suitcases? Pack these within each other, but also use them to hold other items when the boxes run out.

Large Storage Containers — Those large storage containers you have been using to store your children’s toys, seasonal items, and what not are perfect for holding your moving items. The advantage of using large storage containers are manifold — weight is generally not an issue, size matters, and those that come with wheels are the easiest ones to move.

Small Storage Containers — What should you do with all those Rubbermaid and similar containers? Oh, there is so much you can do! Instead of stacking these inside one another and placing them in a box, use them to hold your various sundry items — including your junk drawer miscellany, workbench tools, nuts and bolts, small kitchen items — including flatware, and more. If your children have tiny Lego pieces, they’re ideally placed in such containers too. Seal each container shut and for heavier holdings reinforce with packing tape.

Beyond Moving Boxes: What To Use To Pack For A Move

Plastic Garbage Bags — Those super sized garbage bags, especially the ones you use for yard waste, can be repurposed to hold a variety of items. The most important items are your clothing, specifically your hangared clothes. Simply slip a bag underneath a group of clothes, pull to the top, and secure. Use this method if you plan to move your clothes yourself, otherwise you’ll need to place each bag in a box.

Kitty Litter Containers — If you have a cat and use the plastic containers that hold kitty litter, then you have an ideal way of moving some items. Such containers are sturdy, come with a handle, and can be stacked. How you use these containers is entirely up to you, but you need to be careful here: you can easily fill them with heavy items. A good rule of thumb when packing any container is to limit the weight to 25 to 30 pounds.

Chest of Drawers — Every chest of drawer (bureaus) in your home should be filled to the brim when moving. Commonly, we use this furniture item to hold our clothing, but if you have room inside for more stuff, then take advantage of that space accordingly. Lock the drawers or tape the fronts shut so that they don’t pop open en route to your destination.

Repurpose Your Containers

What other containers in your home can be repurposed to serve a greater good, namely your next move? You know that these are and how they might be used.

One word of caution: containers which originally held food items may not be suitable for the job. Lingering odors attach to whatever you place in the containers and may be impossible to move. Lastly, consider not moving food items as the cost of transporting food may not be worth it. Besides, your moving company may expressly forbid this practice explains Allied Moving

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