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Because Chennai Is Not All About Dosa and Idli

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Chennai is surely one of the largest cities in India. Whether it is religious locations, beaches, historical arenas or educational universities, it has everything you demand. Quite a lot is stated about all these venues already. What we must let you know is that Chennai is a heaven for a foodie and certainly more than Dosa and Idli! It caters some of the enticing non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines.

While rice and filtered coffee is something that you will acknowledge at every location and corner, there are few cuisines and food items that you surely must not miss when you are in Chennai. Savouries of South India are completely drool-worthy and they will exclusively leave you wanting for more, also when your stomach is fully tight! With the assistance of Jet airways booking, you can fly down to Chennai to enjoy some of the finest cuisines prepared ever!

Read along with the list of few of the finest cuisines and ensure that you have them all on your next visit to Chennai.

Kothu Parotta

Because Chennai Is Not All About Dosa and Idli

Kottu Parotta is a must try for Non-vegetarians, prepared to utilize meat, eggs, and a spicy sauce salna. There are different variants of Kothu Parotta acknowledged as Chilli Parotta, Muttai Kothu Parotta and more. This is a beloved street cuisine and it is asked to try this amazing dish at a roadside store rather than a proper restaurant.

Kuzhi Paniyaram

A Tamil cuisine, Kuzhi paniyaram is exclusively prepared by boiled batter, which is eventually made from rice and pulses. This is accessible in spicy as well as sweet form. The paniyaram of spicy for comprises green chilies and sautéed onions. The craving thing about this cuisine is that it remains well-preserved on a long journey too. So, you can exclusively pack this enticing cuisine for your return trip.

Bisi Bele bath

Because Chennai Is Not All About Dosa and Idli

Bhath or Bisi Bele bath, which basically transits to hot lentil rice is exclusively a rice-based cuisine. The basic preparation of Bisi Bele bath involves the utilization of toor dal, spicy masala, spices like asafoetida, nutmeg, tamarind pulp and curry leaves, and vegetables. Catered with potato chips or papad for lunch if you swear by rice, brunch, and dinner, in Chennai you surely must not miss Bisi Bele bath!


Because Chennai Is Not All About Dosa and Idli

Puttu is an amazingly enticing breakfast cuisine of boiled cylinders of ground rice prepared with the usage of coconut. It is catered with side cuisines such as chickpea curry or palm sugar or banana. Enjoy this amazing cuisine, seafood lovers! This food tastes quite amazing with fish curry also.

Puliyogare rice

Tamarind or puliyogare rice is another rice preparation that will exclusively make your mouth water crave after the taste has eventually left your palette. It is prepared to utilize boiled or steamed rice combined with peanuts or groundnuts, tamarind paste, coconut, coriander, curry leaves, red chili, pepper, jaggery, fenugreek, mustard seeds, urad dal, asafoetida, turmeric, and cumin. It exclusively tastes even nicer with Thengai or also called as coconut chutney and salted and boiled chickpea.


Because Chennai Is Not All About Dosa and Idli

This amazing cuisine refers to a form of South Indian pancake prepared with coconut milk and fermented rice batter. There are many combinations to prepare appam like honey appam, Egg appam, palappam (a bit more cream or thick coconut milk is mixed) and several more can be prepared.

Mysore Pak

In Chennai, Mysore Pak is surely the sweetest dish cooked in butter with a good volume of sugar, ghee, gram flour and generally cardamom. This enticing mixture is so tempting and it exclusively melts as soon as it gets in contact with the tongue. It is surely a must try in Chennai!

So, are ready to taste these delicacies in Chennai? Jet airways will assist you with cheap airfares to fly down Chennai to relish these amazing treats!

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