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Avoid These Nasty Mistakes When Handling Your Jewelry Display

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Any jewelry display case that you have or will own in the future deserves the utmost care especially when handled because they are very fragile, and it takes very little effort on your part to cause permanent damage to it. That being said, here is a quick rundown of the nasty mistakes people often make with their jewelry display and how you can avoid them from happening to you.

Avoid These Nasty Mistakes When Handling Your Jewelry Display

  1. Size matters in this case

Many people make the mistake of not measuring the size or space that their jewelry display really needs and you may know that having space that is too big for your jewelry display will look bad but that beats having a space that is literally too small for it. When forced into tight spaces, not only will the jewelry display be damaged, but it may also crack at the edges especially when the corners or surfaces are rough.

  1. When you aren’t careful of abrasive edges of the items you put in the jewelry display case

You may be surprised at how little effort it needs for you to cause a deep scratch on the surface of the jewelry display when you place items that have abrasive edges on them. Minor scratches can be easily buffed out but if you’ve left a deep cut into the glass then you’re pretty much done. It is either time to get a replacement glass display or worse, having to buy a whole new jewelry display case altogether. Either way, both of those options do not put you at an advantage at all.

  1. Cleaning the display case is important

Obvious the jewelry display will not clean itself and depending on the environment you’re in, different degrees of dust can be accumulated in a short amount of time. That being said, it is important that you regularly clean your jewelry display so that the dust is kept to a minimum. With enough dust, it can actually create a rough surface so that when your jewelry is placed on the glass surface, the dust will actually make the surface rougher, causing scratches to appear.

In case you were wondering, the best way to clean your jewelry display is to simply use some soap and a clean cloth. Try to avoid using rags that are hard to the touch because chances are they could be the ones causing damage to the jewelry display instead of helping you to clean them and get rid of the dust for them.

The fact is that the mistakes listed above are some of the most common yet are also ones that can be easily avoided the most.

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