Mainframes Have Overtaken Cars!

When looking at the two long-lasting architectures of mainframes and automobiles, it might surprise you to know that the annual improvement in the production of mainframes continues to be much faster than in the production of cars. So perhaps you should ditch your car for being a slowly evolving legacy technology before you begin to… Continue reading Mainframes Have Overtaken Cars!

UK Pet Friendly Holiday Destinations

It is never easy leaving the dogs at home, let alone when you go away on a sunny holiday without them, I don’t know about you but I struggle to look them in the eye when I’m leaving! So what about holidaying with them as an alternative? It may not be sunny Spain, but there… Continue reading UK Pet Friendly Holiday Destinations

Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

So you’ve finally given in and realised that living in a slightly blurry world is no longer safe! The fact is you need to start wearing glasses, however knowing which ones to pick and what styles will suit you is another thing. There are a vast selection of glass frame styles and colours with a… Continue reading Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

The changing face of supermarket property

The first decade of this century saw a race between retailers to expand their space at rapid speeds.  Commercial property in Suffolk was virtually unobtainable it was being snapped up so fast.  Supermarkets in particular were dedicated to big store formats, which has left them holding considerable property portfolios. Property Week’s article, “The big property checkout”, describes… Continue reading The changing face of supermarket property

Preparing for your new dog

So you’ve decided to expand your family and welcome a furry friend into your home. There are so many benefits to having a dog from the emotional to the physical and social. Evidence has shown that having a dog can decrease your blood pressure and reduce stress and can improve your physical health as when… Continue reading Preparing for your new dog